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"Hoshinoya Karuizawa was newly opened in 2005, renovated from Hoshino Hot Springs Hotel which was long famous for its excellent waters good for the skin since its opening in 1914. The renovation was based on the vision of an innovative Onsen Ryokan for the new century.
Hoshinoya Karuizawa lies in a calm valley along the Yu-kawa River, a relatively remote area from the outside world. Japanese-style villas, which are wooden but solid with clay-like walls and clapboards, dot the valley and are connected by lanes. The river flows through the middle of the village. Surrounded by water and forests, when you walk around the village you will enjoy eye-pleasing new sights and scenery every time you turn a corner.
Every guest room has a large terrace or a veranda and has a spacious living room equipped with sofas or horigotatsu, or sunken kotatsu. High ceilings and wide windows offer an expansive and comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy staying all day and not only when you sleep. Each room has an individual approach and entrance, providing a feeling of independence. The number of types of rooms is more than 20, and no two rooms are the same since the combination of the design and location is different. Rooms are not equipped with a TV so as to enable guests to enjoy the great natural beauty of the four seasons in Karuizawa, forgetting the hustle and bustle and constant stimulation of the city. Opening a high window of the bathroom of the guestroom and feeling the breeze while soaking in a bathtub to your heart's content offers an experience of true relaxation you will never forget. You can enjoy large public baths at Tombo-no-Yu, an open-air bath, and at the ""Meditation Bath.""

Since the temperature dips below 20 degrees C in Karuizawa at nighttime even in mid summer, artificial cooling is not necessary thanks to heat insulation and a monitor roof. Comfortable floor heating utilizes earth thermal geo-heat. As about 70 percent of the energy which the system uses is self-supplied, Hoshinoya Karuizawa is an eco-friendly resort.?

Another point to be added is that Hoshinoya Karuiazawa is very flexible in accomodating your schedule, compared to other onsen ryokan. For example, taking the last bullet train of Nagano Shinkansen that starts from Tokyo Station at 10:04 pm, you can check in at 11:30 pm, then take a bath and have a late dinner. Next morning, breakfast as late as 11 am is also available. In addition to Japanese cuisine, you can also enjoy Western cuisine at restaurants in Hoshinoya as well as at select restaurants in Karuizawa, which is proud of its rich dining culture. Your stay will also be pleasing to your palate.

Our guiding concept for the new Hoshinoya Karuizawa has been ""cherishing traditional 'Japaneseness' while at the same time offering a contemporary ryokan experience."" Come and enjoy ""another Japan"" here in Karuizawa."

Column - Hoshinoya Karuizawa


15 min by taxi from JR Karuizawa Sta.


Hoshino, Karuizawa machi, Kitasaku gun, Nagano





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