"The most representative food of Echizen is a crab called Echizen-gani. Boiled crab and roasted crab are tasty, but fresh raw crab is highly recommended. Oroshi-soba, or buckwheat noodles topped with grated radish, dried bonito flakes, and leek pieces is another popular food of Echizen. Regarding confectionery, why not try habutae-mochi? It is a fine and thin sweet with a silk-touch texture.

Kanazawa has Kanazawa Port 8 km west of the town. At the east side of the town, a range of mountains marks the border between Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures. As a result, Kanazawa is blessed with food ingredients from both the sea and land. Fostered by these ingredients and the warrior culture of the Kaga domain, sophisticated Kaga dishes were created. In addition, various types of dishes using abundant seasonal ingredients are also tasty. Omicho Market, near Kanazawa Station, has been bustling since days of old as the ""kitchen of Kanazawa."" There are as many as 180 shops such as fish, meat, and vegetable shops and restaurants. If you are a newcomer to sushi, kaiten-sushi, or a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, is recommended. There are dozens of kaiten-sushi shops in the town, including shops at Kanazawa Station and Omicho Market."






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