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Going along the shores of Oguraike Lake from Okouchi Sanso Villa will have you at Jojakko-ji Temple in no time. It is a famous Nichirenshu Sect temple that stands sheltered in Ogurayama Mountain. Ogurayama with its displays of picture perfect crimson foliage, have given it nationwide fame as a hot spot for enjoying fall scenery. The stone stairway extending from within Niomon Gate is engulfed with a mass planting and solid mosaic of maple, giving the distinct impression that you are literally walking in a tunnel of autumn's firey red delight. The Palace of Fushimi Momoyama-jo Castle was transferred to the inside of the temple's main hall. Continue climbing to gaze at the entire Sagano area through Taho-to Tower. This temple and lodge is also famous for the fact that Fujiwara Teika layed it down.

Jojakko-ji Temple





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