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Located Northeast of Sagano is Daikaku-ji. In 876 AD, this then detatched palace of Emperor Saga was reformed into a temple by the residing princess to become Daikaku-ji sect of Shingon Buddhism's main temple. Therefor, it is also known as Saga Gosho (Imperial Palace). During the Nanbokucho Era it served as the Imperial Palace, and so it shows up frequently in the pages of history. The banks of the Osawa-no-ike pond is an important point of this building of distinct quality, and the painted sliding doors of Sanraku Kano and Shiko Watanabe. It goes without saying that these banks are lined with colorful red maples, and cherry blossoms and all the colors of the changing seasons; mid-autumn draws people from all over as they pack in to view the moon.

Daikaku-ji Temple





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