SpotKoyasan Interpreter Guide Club - Ms. Matsuyama (President of the Koyasan I.G.C.)

"Koyasan I.G.C., a volunteer interpreter guide club, was first established in 2005, but its president - Ms. Matsuyama is herself a veteran interpreter-cum-guide with more than 10 years experience in her field.

""I feel that recently more and more tourists are coming to Koyasan from foreign countries that include the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We guide mainly in English so have less chance to guide French people, but I've heard the number of French tourists has also been increasing. Most people who want to use the services of a guide are interested in various aspects of Japan - from religion to architecture to art. It seems that they want to learn about the differences between Japanese and other (their own) cultures. Some people have obviously studied in advance and such folk often ask deeper, more complex questions.

She says that when guiding visitors she does feel a difference between the Japanese and foreign tourists she takes around. ""Take Okuno-in and its approach for example: most Japanese people think of the approach as sacred due to the presence of the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi and the graves of many Japanese men of lore - all in a setting towered over by imposing cedars. Foreigners, however, are different. Most foreign tourists are less informed of Japanese history and if they are traveling without sufficient background information only look at the approach as something of a large cemetery set in cedar is sad, for them and us, that they miss out on the importance of the place.""

Guided tours can be conducted at a leisurely pace in half day or full day options.

More details:"

Koyasan Interpreter Guide Club - Ms. Matsuyama (President of the Koyasan I.G.C.)





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