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Shukubo are one of the quainter points that attract many to Koyasan and some facilities even have English speakers on hand - Rengejoin notably so. Long before Koyasan was registered as a World Heritage Site, many foreign tourists would stay at Rengejoin where Ms. Kiyomi Soeda, owner of this shukubo would declare: "Foreign tourists usually stay for quite a long time, sometimes for (as long as) 2 weeks. Some people are fond of Koyasan and visit (us) several times. They enjoy shojin-ryori (when here) and one day, (when) we thought the guests were tired of shojin-ryori, we served coffee and bread for breakfast, only to be told they preferred the vegetarian breakfast." At present the head priest of Rengejoin gives his morning sermon in both Japanese and English.

Shukubo - Rengejoin



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