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Gojozaka Toki Matsuri (Gojozaka Ceramic Festival) is one of the major festivals held in Kyoto during the summertime, along with Gion Matsuri and Gozan-no-Okuribi. Various types of ceramics are sold at a discounted price (20 to 50 % off) at as many as 500 shops. Famous Japanese ceramics such as Arita, Karatsu, Shigaraki and others are sold, as well as Kiyomizu-yaki (Kyoto-style ceramics). It is held on Gojo dori street (from Higashi oji street to Gojo Bridge) from 9am to 11pm, between August 7th and 10th, and is definitely a must-see for ceramic lovers.

Gojozaka Toki Matsuri






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