SpotMt.Hiei Enryaku-ji Temple

Mt. Hiei Enryaku-ji Temple was founded on the mountain top by a man named Saicho about 1,200 years ago and is divided into 3 large areas: Todo, Saito, and Yokawa. Todo is the main area with the Konponchudo Temple, a national treasure, as well as the Daikodo auditorium and other important temple buildings. The oldest structure within the grounds is Shakado and can be found in the Saito area. Yokawa is an area rich in nature and is where Shinran, Nichiren, and other noted monks carried out their pursuits of knowledge. This whole temple is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site and there is a shuttle bus that loops through the complex should you get tired of walking.

Mt.Hiei Enryaku-ji Temple





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