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"After a five-minute walk east from Kintetsu Nara Station, you will arrive at Nara-koen Park. Feeding shika-senbei, or rice crackers for deer, to the cute deer is fun.
Passing through the park, you will see Todai-ji Temple. It was built in the mid Nara period (710-794), and has always been one of the major temples in Japan. From Nigatsu-do Hall, you can get a sweeping view of the town of Nara. Kaidan-in Hall houses national treasure Shitenno-zo (Four Heavenly Kings statue).

A 10-minute walk from Nigatsu-do through the approach lined by trees will bring you to Kasuga Taisha Shrine. It was built during the Nara period. Its vermillion-lacquered buildings are beautiful and the main shrine and treasure house which houses many national treasures are attractive. Japanese wisteria in the garden is at its best in early May. Lanterns in the precincts are lit in the evening during the period of time of the Mantoro Festival in February and August, and it lures and fascinates visitors with the fantastic atmosphere.
A retro Western-style building just to the west of the shrine is the main building of Nara National Museum. It mainly features Buddhist art and there is no other museum of this type in Japan. The Buddhist sculptures in the main building are especially a must-see.

Kofuku-ji Temple is well-known for having the tallest five-story pagoda in Nara. After first construction in 730, this pagoda burned down five times, and the current pagoda was rebuilt in 1426. Among many temple treasures in the Kokuho-kan (Treasure Hall), the Ashura statue is a must see. Its melancholy face has long fascinated visitors."

Nara Koen Park






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