Fukushima is a casual area, just 20 minutes on foot from the Osaka or Umeda area. On the south side of Route 2, there are many old historic wooden houses, a drastic change from the busy streets of Umeda with its many high rise buildings. Recently, new restaurants, cafes and stylish shops have opened one after another in these remodeled old houses. There are Italian restaurants, Spanish tapa bars, okonomiyaki restaurants, yakitori bars, Korean nabe (one-pot dishes cooked at the table) restaurants, and others of many genres. The space under the elevated railway tracks of JR line is jam-packed with unique drinking bars and restaurants that specialize in seafood, vegetables, and even bio wine (natural wine) at reasonable prices. A little further north is Fukushima Shoten-dori Shopping Street, also full of shops and restaurants. Here, all kinds of food, from fast food to luxurious foodstuffs, are available.






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