After arriving at Hiroshima Station, we dropped off our luggage and headed for Miyajima, via Miyajima-guchi, accessible by either JR or Hiroden lines. From there we took a ferry that brought us to Miyajima.
After a ten minute walk from the ferry landing, stands the red Otorii (Grand Gate), that looks like it's floating on the sea. Sixteen meters high, this shrine gate is made of ten-meter thick beams of Japanese wild cinnamon or camphor. When you visit at high tide, the bases beneath the Otorii are totally underwater and out of sight, making it look as if it's floating on the water. You can walk close to the Otorii at low tide. Both high and low tides are equally interesting, but the first time visitor should by no means miss the high tide version. Check the tide schedule before visiting.






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