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After paying a fee at the enterance, we entered the shrine. The whole shrine seems to float on the water, as if it were build on the sea itself. Its long cloisters are also attractive. Its wooden corridors with red standing pillars seem to endlessly continue far out to sea. You will want to see this scenery forever.
In front of the Honden (Main Sanctuary) people pray and there are stages, where Bugaku ceremonies are held. The stages shooting out to sea, and the shrine surrounded by the magnificent nature scenery make you feel a sense of eternity.
High tide reaches its peak in the autumn, and they hold a tea ceremony here. During some of these ceremonies, the tide gets higher than anticipated, and the tea masters sometimes ''t able to descend from the stage. This explains the openings in the floor. They serve as a drain when the tide exceeds the level of the floor.
You can enjoy Miyajima in every season. Events such as Kangensai (Orchestral Music Festival) and the fireworks display are held in summer. Winter at Miyajima is also interesting. The snow-covered Otorii standing in front of the snowy landscape and shore lures many a photographer.
The majestic Itsukushima Shrine sanctuary, seen today, was designed by Taira no Kiyomori, a powerful figure in the twelfth century. The architectural layout of these buildings displays the Heian period (794-1191) shinden-zukuri style. Its unique location, standing on the sea, framed by the mountain, makes this shrine so outstanding. It is one reason that Itsukushima Shrine was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage list.
Although Itsukushima Shrine was made by the hands of man, it has long since integrated with, to become one with, the nature at Miyajima - thus straying away from the realm of man. The shrine roof (atop Honden) suffered typhoon damage and was being repaired when we made our visit. We were told there are always repairs being made somewhere on the building. Considering its eight-hundred year history - the weathering it must have been subject to - it's existence itself is a miracle.

Itsukushima Shrine





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