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All kinds of data on the bomb that shook Hiroshima is kept at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The temperature at the point of detonation reached over ten million degrees centigrade. The blast wave resulting from that nuclear radiation and heat killed a total of some 140,000 by December of the same year. There is a stone that has a human-shaped shadow into which an unfortunate soul melted from the heat rays, and Keloidal specimens. The Hiroshima bomb, or Little Boy, is also displayed.
The sheer cruelty of it all is hard to put into words, I felt engulfed in deep sadness.
We stepped outside the center to take a walk at Peace Memorial Park. The park is bright and spacious. The park atmosphere makes the horrors from history surreal and hard to believe. There is Cenotaph for the A-bomb victims. People join hands to decorate the front of the cenotaph with flowers. Wherever you go, the park is full of the world's people, who listen to the explanations of their guides with an ear of sincerity. I felt that I too was slipping into a feeling of devotion. I was caught in the mood. There are other monuments in the park. Hiroshima Memorial Ceremony is held on August sixth every year.

Peace Memorial Park





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