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Those who come to Hiroshima are beckoned to try the okonomiyaki (a mixture of vegetable meat and flavoring combinations in batter, fried on a griddle like hotcakes). When it comes to okonomiyaki, Hiroshima is Osaka's evil twin! The magic of Hiroshiman okonomiyaki: the vegetables are not mixed up in the batter. Veggies like cabbage and bean sprouts are stacked on what at first seems to resemble a crepe spread out on the grill. An additional regional favorite is to top the okonomiyaki with frried soba noodles. In Hiroshima, there are more okonomiyaki restaurants than you can poke your chopsticks at (to be more specific, over 2,000!). Each and every restaurant has its own unique flavor. Comparing them all is an endless hobby.
Oysters are also a local delicacy, in season from October to March. There is even a store where you can enjoy oysters year-round, through artificial techniques. The Seto Inland Sea coast also provides delicious anago which is taken around Miyajima. Prime, and tender, this high quality anago, or conger eel, from Miyajima is found year-round in tempura, sashimi, and chawanmushi, or pot steamed hotch-potch. Since the Meiji Era, its been made into ekiben (bentos or traditional boxed lunches offered at ekis or stations throughout the country). Anago mixed with sauce and rice to become 'anago rice' - a must try!

Gourmet in Hiroshima




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