SpotGurutto Matsue Horikawa Meguri (The moat cruise around Matsue Castle)

Excursion boats go along the Horikawa (moats) which surround the castle to a length of around 3.7 km. Cruising along moats around a castle is very unusual in Japan. During the tour, which takes about 50 minutes, boats pass under 16 bridges and when passing under four of them, the boat's roof lowers and people on the boat bend and lower their heads in accordance with the captain's cue because the bottoms of the bridges are very low. A variety of sights along the cruise such as modern buildings, pretty backyards of houses and the tower of the castle are interesting. Kotatsu, or small tables with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt, are provided on the boats during wintertime.

Gurutto Matsue Horikawa Meguri (The moat cruise around Matsue Castle)





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