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It is recommended to go to Sakaiminato from Yonago by JR, which takes 40 minutes. With luck, you can get on the Kitaro Train or Nezumi Otoko Train. The train starts from No. 0 platform. Each of the total of 16 stations has a yokai name attached to it, such as Nezumi Otoko station for the start of the line at Yonago and Kitaro station for the terminal Sakaiminato station. Illistrations of yokai are painted in and also on the outside of the trains. When arriving at Sakaiminato-Kitaro station, bronze statues of Mizuki at work, and of Kitaro, Nezumi Otoko and Medama Oyaji (Eyeball Father), who are watching him, welcome you. The sky is vast, unobstructed by any high buildings.

Kitaro Train





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