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When you get off the train and start walking, you first reach Yokai Square. Some 130 bronze statues of yokai stand along the about 800-meter street. The most popular character appears to be Nezumi Otoko. In 2004, the local government invited applications from the public for sponsors of statues at one million yen per statue. Sponsored statues have plates on which the yokai's name and sponsor's name are inscribed. Why don't you buy a paper fortune slip at Yokai Shrine? A yokai will personally bring the fortune slip to you. Yokai shop GeGeGe is actually an electrician's shop; however, it entertains you with mysterious and elaborate yokai dolls on its shelves, all of which are made by the shop's owner. Yokai Manju (buns) are wrapped in yokai newspapers which report local interest items of the Sakaiminato area. And you will probably notice a "Yokai Post" standing here and there. If you send a postcard from one of these, a yokai character postmark will be stamped on the card. Mizuki Shigeru's atelier in Chofu, Tokyo, is reproduced in Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Museum and a large contingent of yokai are waiting to welcome you inside.

Mizuki Shigeru Road





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