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North of Tenjin, Bayside Place boats out of Hakata Dock connect Iki, Tsushima, and Shikanoshima. Cruise ships and sightseeing boats also disembark. At the entrance of Hakata Dock's Terminal 1, an aquarium sticks out in plain view. About 30 species of some 1,200 fish, including sea turtles (umigame), swim lazily in this 9-meter across by 8-meter high cylindrical tank. Spend some time at the shops and restaurants on this tranquil harbor, from where you can see off ships, departing from the harbor.
Located to the west of Tenjin is Oh-hori Park. Cultural and sports facilities and Japanese gardens dot the surroundings of the park's expansive pond. There is the Fukuoka City Museum of Art, where around 10,000 pieces of art from classics to modern works are kept. Traces of the past are contained in Maizuru Park, where lie the remains of Fukuoka Castle (originally built by Fukuoka's first lord, Kuroda Nagamasa). In the park there is also a museum dedicated to the ruins of Korokan*, where you can get a taste for what life was like in ancient times in this city.

Bayside Place






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