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Kumamoto Castle is a symbol of Kumamoto and is one of the three major castles in Japan. It was first built in the Muromachi era (1392-1573) and warrior Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611) became lord of the castle in 1588. After 7 years of construction, Kiyomasa finally completed Kumamoto Castle in 1607. After his death, Lord Hosokawa entered the castle and his family resided there for 240 years, until beginning of the Meiji-era (1868-1912). With a large keep, a small keep, 49 turrets, 18 yagura-mon (a gate on which a turret is built) and 29 gates, the castle was marvelous and impregnable. The castle now has only 5 remaining gates : Sudoguchi-mon, Hazekata-mon, Hohoate-gomon, Nishi-yagura-mon and Akazu-no-mon. The keeps burned down in the Seinan war in 1877 but they were reconstructed in 1960. Homaru-goten (a palace in the center of the castle) will be reconstructed to commemorate the 400th anniversary.

Kumamoto Castle


1, Honmaru, Chuo ku, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto





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