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Among various places to visit in the city, Himeji Castle, which has a 400-year history since its foundation, is highly acclaimed as one of the rare Japanese castles retaining its original shape. The elegant appearance of the castle covered with white stucco looks like a white egret about to take flight, earning it the sobriquet “Hakuro-jo” (Egret Castle) and presents a beautiful sight. A total of eight tenshu keeps and watariyagura corridors are designated National Treasures, a total of 74 yagura towers and gates are designated as National Important Cultural Properties, and the whole castle is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Must-see spots inside the castle
Inside the castle, you will see various tricks for preventing enemies from entering the main tower, such as branching alleys and sturdy gates with iron doors, in the maze-like arrangement.
(1) Hishinomon (East gate)
The largest gate in the castle.
(2) Nishinomaru-yagura towers, Hyakken-roka corridor, Kesho-yagura tower
The place where Princess Sen used to live. The corridor stretches about 240 meters!
(3) Daitenshu (Main keep)
With six stories and one underground floor, the main keep offers a panoramic view of the city from the top floor. Enjoy the beautiful architecture maintained in the original form since construction.
(4) Bizen-maru enclosure
You can take a photo with Daitenshu in the background.
(5) Okiku-ido (Okiku’s well)

Himeji Castle



about 15 min on foot or 4 min by Loop Bus (to Himeji-jo Otemon-mae Stop) from Himeji Sta.


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