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UpdateMarch 22, 2018
ReleaseMarch 22, 2018

Yakushiji Temple is located five minutes on foot from Nishinokyo Station. It was built in 680 by the command of Emperor Tenmu. At the back of the vermillion-lacquered corridor, To-to and Sai-to pagodas stand. To-to (East Pagoda) is a national treasure which has been preserved for more than 1,300 years without damage, even though there were several fires in the temple compound. Sai-to (West Pagoda) was burned down in the 16th century, the Warring Sates period, and rebuilt only in 1981. Comparing the old To-to and beautifully vermillion-lacquered Sai-to is interesting.
Toshodai-ji Temple to the north of Yakushiji was built during the Heian period (794-1192) by Ganjin, a Chinese Buddhist priest who came to Japan, as a school for priests to study religious precepts.
Both Yakushiji and Toshodaiji are designated World Heritage sites.