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Yokohama Jazz Promenade 2015


UpdateMarch 21, 2018
ReleaseMarch 21, 2018

“Yokohama Jazz Promenade” was started in 1993 through the involvement of citizens and musicians, according to the catchphrase: “Let’s turn the entire city of Yokohama into a music stage.”Today, Yokohama Jazz Promenade has become the festival that makes a strong appeal of “Yokohama as the City of Jazz,” thereby contributing to activate the town and increase the number of visitors.




[Date] October 10, 2015(Sat)- October 11(Sun)

[Venue] Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall、Kanai Hall、Landmark Hall、Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse、Yokohama News Harbor and so on.


[URL]  http://jazzpro.jp/