att.JAPAN Issue 88

就讓我們盡情享受這能夠徜徉其中,甚至忘記時間流逝的藝術作品吧。讓自己與作品融為一體,毫無邊界、綿延不斷,這種獨一無二的體驗,只有在teamLab Borderless才能感受。Enjoy art while surrendering yourself to space without thinking about time. You will feel like you are blending into artworks and connecting without borders or boundaries. at is a unique ex-perience you can have only at teamLab Borderless.Unique Experience in the Borderless WorldUnique Experience in the Borderless World在無邊界的世界中,絕無僅有的體驗在無邊界的世界中,絕無僅有的體驗Rice terraces have been helping to maintain clear water and a healthy ecosystem, supporting the traditional lifestyle based on rice cultivation since ancient times. The insects and birds in this artwork change ac-cording to movements of people at the site. This artwork depicts the seasonal landscape with rice terraces through the stream of time and movements of people. It also varies with the actual season.Venetian glass lamps spread endlessly. When you approach a lamp, it lights up. If the light generated from your movement interacts with one generated from another person, a stronger light will be generated. The light goes through an unlimited series of changes due to the presence of people, creating a fantastical space.Memory of TopographyForest of Resonating Lamps - One Stroke, Fireatt. JAPAN Summer/201910

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