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三浦市Miura City橫須賀市Yokosuka City鎌倉市Kamakura City橫濱市Yokohama City川崎市Kawasaki City逗子市Zushi City葉山町Hayama Town東京Tokyo三浦半島是位於神奈川縣東南邊的半島,擁有各式各樣的活動、美食,以及魅力獨具的景點!這次將向各位介紹橫須賀與三浦的魅力。跨出東京,在三浦半島盡情享受夏天吧!城島Miura City, on the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula, is an area with many seaside viewing spots, such as the Miura Coast and Bishamon Bay. In warm weather, it is recommended to rent a bicycle near the station and enjoy cycling and marine sports. e area is also famous for Misaki-gyoko shing port with one of the largest landings of tuna in Japan. ere are tuna restaurants ev-erywhere in this area.位於三浦半島最南端的三浦市,是一處擁有三浦海岸與毗沙門灣等眾多海邊景點的區域。推薦您於溫暖的季節裡,在車站附近租借自行車,享受自行車之旅或從事水上運動。此外,這也因有鮪魚卸貨量在日本首屈一指的三崎漁港而聞名,鮪魚料理店散居各地。三浦半島內擁有眾多可欣賞富士山的景點。其中,諸磯灣有成排遊艇停泊,正面則是可眺望富士山的人氣景點。可從東京當日往返!享受三浦半島的夏天吧!e Miura Peninsula contains many prime viewing spots of Mount Fuji. Among others, Moroiso Bay is a popular photo-taking spot, with Mount Fuji right in front along with an array of sailboats in the harbor.Jogashima at the southernmost part of the Miura Peninsula has been awarded two stars in the Micheline Green Guide Japan in 2013. In Jogashima Park, you can hike up to the Awasaki Lighthouse, feeling the cool ocean air. On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji!座落於三浦半島最南端的城島,是於2013年榮獲米其林《日本旅遊綠色指南》2星評價的島嶼。可在城島公園內,一邊感受清涼的海風,一邊健行至安房埼燈塔。天氣晴朗時,還可眺望富士山喔!Located on the southeastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, the Miura Peninsula contains many attractive places for various activities and good food. This time we introduce you to various charms of Yokosuka and Miura. Take a short trip from Tokyo and enjoy summer in the Miura Peninsula!Umanose-domon, a sea cave midway along the hiking trail, is an artwork of nature created from the erosion of rocks by waves, rain, and wind.位於健行路線中途的馬之背洞門,是波浪和風雨削蝕岩石形成洞穴的天然藝術。A day-tripaway from Tokyo! the Miura Peninsula!Enjoy summer inJogashima從諸磯灣眺望富士山Mount Fujifrom Moroiso BayAbout one hourby Keikyu trainfrom Shinagawa Sta. to Misakiguchi Sta.從品川站到三崎口站,搭乘京急約1小時MIURA AREA三浦區域att. JAPAN Summer/201912MIURA PENINSULA

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