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In addition to the great beach for enjoying swimming in the ocean, the Miura Peninsula is a great place for marine sports, including windsurng, sea kayaking, and SUP (standup pad-dle-boarding). With convenient access by train from Tokyo and with its gentle waves, it is a popular summer area. On a clear day, it is recommended to try sea kayaking while enjoying the view of Mount Fuji.三浦半島除了海水浴外,還能享受滑浪風帆、海洋獨木舟、SUP(立槳衝浪)等水上運動。從東京搭乘電車前往非常便利,波浪也很平穩,因此是夏季的人氣景點。天氣晴朗的日子裡,推薦您選擇可一邊眺望富士山,一邊進行的海洋獨木舟!在三浦半島可享受的海洋運動!Marine sports offered at the Miura Peninsula!Yokosuka City is home to a US Navy base, oering places to feel an American atmosphere, including a cruising tour in which you can see US navy ships and Japanese navy ships close-up, and “dobuita-dori” street where US dollars are accepted. ere are also famous local food dishes, such as Navy curry and hamburgers. is uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay served as a fort to pro-tect the bay with batteries installed from the late 19th century to the end of WWII. Nowadays, it utilizes and puts together its historical heritage and nature to create a unique spot, oer-ing a place where you can take a walk or enjoy barbeque with-out preparation. e swimming beach will open in mid-July, so you can enjoy swimming in the ocean as well as shing.橫須賀市內設有美國的海軍基地,有可近距欣賞美國海軍或海上自衛隊船艦的遊船之旅、可使用美元的「溝板大道」等等,是一處可感受美式氛圍的小鎮。海軍咖哩、漢堡等美食亦遠近馳名。在漂浮於東京灣上的無人島「猿島」上,從19世紀後半起至第二次世界大戰終戰為止設有炮台,肩負著捍衛東京灣的要塞之職。現在,此地則是一座融合了前述歷史遺產與自然的獨特景點,可享受漫步與烤肉的樂趣。7月中旬,海水浴場也將開放,可盡情在此享受海水浴與釣魚之樂。is park has a 5,000 sqm. ower garden where about 100,000 sunowers vividly blossom in summer. You can enjoy seasonal owers throughout the year, including eld mustard blossoms and nemophila (baby blue eyes) blos-soms in spring and cosmoses in autumn. e park also oers various activities, such as touching and cuddling small animals, barbequing, harvesting vegeta-bles, and taking-a-warm-bath facility.夏季在5,000平方公尺的寬廣境內,將有約10萬朵向日葵燦爛綻放。此外,春季有油菜花與粉蝶花,秋季則有波斯菊等四季應時花卉可供欣賞。能與可愛的小動物近距接觸或是從事烤肉活動,還能享受蔬菜收穫體驗或溫浴設施等等!長井海之手公園 太陽之丘Nagai Seaside Park Soleil Hill猿島Sarushima islandAbout 45 minutesby Keikyu train from Shinagawa Sta. to Yokosuka-Chuo Sta.從品川站至橫須賀中央站,搭乘京急線約45分鐘YOKOSUKA AREA橫須賀區域att. JAPAN 13

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