att.JAPAN Issue 88

說到如何度過一個人的時光,想必很多人腦海中都會浮現閱讀書籍吧?那就來六本木的「文喫」度過更有時尚感的單人閱讀時光吧!雖然是書店,但只要支付1,500日圓的入場費,便可以利用各項設施直至店家打烊為止。您可以自由地取用和閱讀包含文學、科學、藝術等約三萬冊的書籍。若是肚子餓了也可前往附設的咖啡館,咖啡和煎茶可免費續杯。在這裡您可以一整天專注於閱讀。Many people may think of reading as a typical way of spending time alone. You can spend a great “solo” read-ing time at “Bunkitsu” in Roppongi. It is a bookstore, but it charges 1,500 yen for entrance. Once you pay, you can stay there until closing time and freely read any books from its collection of about 30,000 books in vari-ous elds, including literature, science and art. You can get free rells for coee and green tea. If you get hungry, there is a café serving some dishes. Immerse yourself in reading for a whole day!Have you heard of the term “solo-katsu”? ere are an increasing num-ber of people who enjoy spending time alone in various activities, such as “solo” drinking and “solo” karaoke, which are collectively called “solo-kat-su.” It is great to spend time with your friends and family, but doing what-ever you like by yourself once in a while may bring you new discoveries as well as an outlet for stress. A “solo-katsu” expert of the att.JAPAN editorial department recommends some “solo” activities in this article.您知道「獨活」一詞嗎?「獨酌」或「單人KTV」等享受一人時光的「獨活」享樂者正在不斷增加中。雖然可以與朋友和家人共度時光很美好,但有時嘗試自己一人做著喜歡的事情,不僅能舒緩壓力,還能帶來新的發現。在此將為各位介紹由att.JAPAN編輯部的「獨活」達人所推薦的「一人○○」。“So” Activities“So” Reading在日本,原本就有許多站著食用蕎麥麵或牛丼等,可以一人快速用餐的快餐店,但近來日益趨增的店家,則是一人烤肉!「燒肉LIKE」就是間一人烤肉專賣店。設有單人烤肉爐,可以從50g的少量開始點餐,因此有許多種類可供選擇。由於是獨自一人用餐,您更可以隨心所欲地依照自己喜愛的燒烤程度及醬料,追求理想中的烤肉。In Japan, there have always been various kinds of fast-food places, such as standing soba and gyudon restaurants, which let you have a quick meal by yourself. Recently, the num-ber of “solo” yakiniku (grilled meat) places is increasing. “Yakiniku Like” is a franchise chain company specialized in oering “solo” yakiniku. At a table, you have a grill for one person. Orders are available for a small quantity from 50 grams, so you can order various kinds. You can have your yakiniku cooked how you like it and with the sauces you like, because you are by yourself!“So” Yakiniku一人閱讀一人○○一人烤肉Bunkitsu 文喫 Like燒肉 JAPAN Summer/201914"SOLO" ACTIVITIES

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