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is is a map for Muslims with information of halal food restaurants and places of worship in the area around Kanda Station popularly called “salaryman town,” which is one station from Tokyo Station and full of inexpensive, delicious restaurants. Let’s check it out at the Kanda Information Center near the Kanda Station West Exit.2018 Basic Plan on the Promotion of Culture and the ArtsProduced bySupported byLooking for shops and restaurants for Muslims in Tokyo?Looking for shops and restaurants for Muslims in Tokyo?Muslim-friendly Guide Map若您對露營已有相當程度的了解,請務必挑戰看看唷。靠自己就能成功紮營的成就感,絕對非比尋常。在大自然的擁抱下放空自我,那種無拘無束、充滿自由的解放感,肯定會令人想一試再試。如果您是第一次嘗試單人露營,建議可以前往位於北輕井澤的SweetGrass。這裡有能在淺間山山麓的廣闊大自然中,獨自享受露營樂趣的個人露營區。潔淨的炊事區及盥洗設備一應俱全,並提供單人露營用品組的租賃服務(需付費)。If you have experienced camping, you should try “solo” camping! You will feel a greater sense of accomplish-ment after setting up your camp by yourself. It is price-less to be lled with a sense of freedom while spending time in nature doing nothing, without any obligations. If you are planning your rst “solo” camping, Kitakaruizawa SweetGrass camping site is recommended. It oers a place where you can enjoy camping in an expansive natural set-ting at the foot of Mount Asama as well as “solo” sites for “solo” campers. e facility is fully equipped with clean kitchens and sanitary facilities. A rental service for “solo” camping sets is also available (fees will apply).“So” Camping一人露營試著放下集體行動這種先入為主的觀念,開啟一扇全新的門扉如何呢?遊樂設施、表演或季節性活動等,都隨自己的心情去享受吧!邊拍攝著夢幻般世界的照片,邊欣賞閃亮的霓虹燈飾並獨自品嘗美酒……可以說是最棒的非日常體驗了吧!享受「獨活」的人其實不少,當您大膽嘗試時也不會特別在意尷尬。另外,主題樂園的遊樂設施也有提供單人乘坐的服務,讓單獨前來的客人可優先使用空置的座位。If you think an amusement park should be a place to go in a group, be free from preconceived ideas and open a new door. Enjoy attractions, shows, and seasonal events with a free heart, taking photos of the world of fantasy and enjoying a drink while looking at shining illuminations. It may well be a great “extra-ordinary” experience in your life. ere are more people enjoying “solo-katsu” at amuse-ment parks than you would ever expect, so you may not feel awkward once you are inside. Some theme parks have a single-rider service, which oers vacant seats preferentially to “solo” customers.“So” Amusement Park一人遊樂園Kitakaruizawa SweetGrass北輕井澤 JAPAN 15

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