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Go on a “So” Trip by TSUKUBA EXPRESS!搭乘TSUKUBA EXPRESS,享受一個人的旅行!日本百大名山之一的「筑波山」(標高:女體山877公尺、男體山871公尺),從秋葉原搭乘電車再轉搭巴士,車程將近1小時30分鐘。由於是日本百大名山中最低的一座山,非常適合當天來回、來一趟輕鬆的登山之旅。能欣賞到四季的花卉或是滿山紅葉的美景,6月時在山腰處約有1,000棵繡球花競相爭妍。「筑波山」本身就是御神體(神明寄宿之物體)的象徵,自古以來便有「西富士、東筑波」之稱,至今仍持續被當作山岳信仰的對象來崇拜。位於山腰的筑波神社,是有著三千年悠久歷史的古老神社,主祀夫婦之神,據說對求取姻緣十分靈驗。單身去參拜,說不定也會因此獲得良緣唷?Located only about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Akihabara, Mount Tsukuba, one of the One Hundred Famous Japanese Mountains, has double peaks, Nyotai-san and Nantai-san, which make the mountain the lowest among the 100 famous moun-tains, allows easy climbing on a day trip.e mountain oers picturesque scenery with seasonal owers and colored leaves in autumn, including about 1,000 hydrangea plants on the hillsides gorgeously blossoming in June.Referred to as a counterpart of Mount Fuji as in the phrase, “Fuji in the west, Tsukuba in the east,” from ancient times the whole moun-tain has been worshipped as the sacred body of a god in Japan’s ancient mountain worship. An old shrine on the hillside with about 3,000 years of history, Tsukubasan-jinja Shrine, enshrines a divine couple; therefore, it is said that the shrine will bring romance. Even if you visit the shrine alone, it might bring you good luck in romance!“So” Climbing on Mount Tsukuba一人登山in筑波山東京的下町北千住,有著為數眾多的居酒屋!從傳統日式的大眾酒場到時尚酒吧,各式各樣的店面比鄰相連。能夠品嘗到美味的日本酒及烤雞串、內臟等美食。這裡有許多即使是一個人也能隨意輕鬆進入的店家,不妨趁機來體驗一下獨酌之樂吧!Kita-senju, a traditional town of Tokyo, has many izakaya pubs. Various drinking plac-es are clustered in this area, including tra-ditional pubs with the common touch and stylish bars. You can enjoy delicious sake along with yakitori and motsu (tripe stew). Most of the places welcome individuals dropping in on their own. Isn’t this a com-fortable place for “solo” drinking?“So” Drinking in Kita - senju獨酌in北千住Varies depending on the departure station. (for example, from Akihabara Station, 4,300 yen for adults and 2,180 yen for children) Valid for 2 days*For details, please ask sta at the counter in one of the Tsukuba Express stations.Tsukubasan-jinja iriguchi (Mt. Tsukuba Information Center)DepartureStation(the ticket is purchased)Miyawaki Cable Car StationNyotaisan StationRopewayabout 6 min.about 3 min. on footDirect Tsukubasan Shuttle Busabout 14 min.Direct Tsukubasan Shuttle Busabout 29 min.Tsuku Bus (Hokubu Shuttle)Tsukuba Expressabout 7 min.about 11 min.about 20 min.about 29 min.Cable Carabout 8 min.about 15 min. on footMt. TsukubaSummit of Nantaisan871mSummit of Nyotaisan877mTsutsujigaoka Ropeway StationOho Madoguchi CenterTsukubaKoryu CenterTX TsukubaStation (Tsukuba Center)Tsukubasan guchiNumata根據不同出發車站,費用也有所不同(例,從秋葉原站:成人4,300 日圓,兒童2,180 日圓)有效期間 2 天期間※關於詳細資訊,請向筑波快線的車站窗口洽詢Mt. Tsukuba Ticket筑波山優惠票Tsukubasancho StationTicket Price費用筑波山女體山男體山att. JAPAN Summer/201916

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