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Fees: 7,000 yen for S seat (adult), 5,000 yen for A seat (adult)票價: S席成人 7,000日圓 / A席成人 5,000日圓요금: S석 성인 7,000엔, A석 성인 5,000엔 Osakajokoen Sta. (JR) / JR大阪城公園站 /JR오사카조코엔역    A scene of a battle between a red ninja group and black ninja group. The projected image reacts to the movement of the ninja, creating a world just like a graphic novel. The combination of the meticulously calculated images and the sophisticated performance of theatrical combat will take your breath away.e show is now on at a new theater which opened as a new trend-setting hub for Osaka’s entertainment in February 2019 at Osaka Castle Park. e setting of the show is the Kansai area centering on Osaka. e show features elaborate props and devices used for kabuki and incorporates various images in the background with a succession of live performances, such as tap-dancing monks and theatrical swordghts by a group of ninja.오사카의 새로운 엔터테인먼트 발신지로써 오사카성 공원에 2019년 2월 오픈한 극장에서 상연 중. 오사카를 중심으로 한 간사이를 배경으로, 가부키에서 사용하는 대규모 장치와 다채로운 영상을 배경으로 활용한 무대에서 승려의 탭 댄스나 닌자 군단의 난투 장면 등이 차례차례로 펼쳐진다. 在大阪最新娛樂資訊傳遞據點的大阪城公園,甫於2019年2月開幕的劇場上演中。舞台設定在以大阪為中心的關西,採用歌舞伎中的大型設備,並結合舞台背景繽紛的影像。僧侶的踢踏舞及忍者軍團的武打戲等,輪番上演的精彩場面,令人目不暇給。A scene where ninja boys are wandering into a cemetery. With a broken lantern burning and a ghost appearing, they are y-ing around using the traditional stagecraft of kabuki. All-stars of Japan’s famous yokai (specters) get together and start dancing.The nale is a fun performance with all the cast. The stage be-comes a huge pachinko table and when a jackpot is hit, there will be “oohs and aahs” from the audience.쿨 재팬 파크 오사카 WW 홀KEREN大阪酷日本樂園 WW大廳WW Hall at “COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA”以針對大眾為主軸的表演文化,已在這個由商人主導逾400年以上的城市大阪生根。在熱門觀光景點大阪城公園中不但誕生了一座新劇場,同時也以NIPPON(日本)為主題,提供最先進的表演秀。另一方面,也有極具代表性的大阪傳統技藝文樂及能樂,針對讓初次接觸的觀眾以及外國旅客舉辦公演及觀摩會等,能讓大家輕鬆購票觀賞。讓我們一起體驗並享受大阪的娛樂吧!As a town with merchants as its principal players for more than 400 years, much of Osaka culture has been based on public-oriented “show culture.” In Osaka Castle Park, one of the most popular spots in Osaka, a new theater has opened and it is oering leading-edge shows under the theme of “NIPPON.” Meanwhile, in the world of Osaka’s representative traditional entertainment, bunraku and noh, performances and tours for theater beginners and foreign tourists are oered to provide an opportunity for them to enjoy the entertain-ment casually. Let’s enjoy entertainment in Osaka!400년 이상 상인이 주역이었던 오사카에는 대중을 상대로 한 쇼 문화가 깊게 자리 잡았다. 인기 명소인 오사카성 공원 안에 새롭게 탄생한 극장에서는 NIPPON을 테마로 한 최첨단 쇼가 상연 중. 한편, 오사카를 대표하는 전통 예능 분라쿠나 노가쿠 상연장에서도 초심자나 외국인 여행자를 대상으로 부담 없이 접할 수 있는 공연 및 견학회 등이 열리고 있다. 오사카의 엔터테인먼트를 즐겨보자!Entertainment Osaka오사카의엔터테인먼트大阪的娛樂inatt. JAPAN9ENTERTAINMENT IN OSAKA

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