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Japanese Cooking Class in Ningyocho hosted by att.JAPANTemari sushi is a colorful ball-shaped sushi with various toppings often served during happy occasions like Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day).Inari sushi is sushi rice wrapped inside abura-age (thin deep-fried tofu pockets) sim-mered in a sweet sauce. e students who participated in this cooking class made dierent types of sushi for Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day), a day to celebrate female children and pray for their health and happiness on March 3. Toppings such as tuna, smoked salmon, scallop, salmon roe, sakura-denbu (sh akes) and kinshi-tamago (ne strips of omelet) were pre-pared to decorate their own sushi. e students all had fun making their own cute temari sushi and inari sushi. One person had too much rice, the sushi ball became too big to eat it in one bite. ey also made a side dish of nanohana-no-shira-ae (mustard blossoms mixed with mashed tofu) and sumashi-jiru (clear clam soup). Professional Cooking Teacher (Chie-san)Students’ CommentFrom Swedenis time, we made temari sushi, a side dish of nanohana-no-shira-ae (mustard blossoms mixed with mashed tofu) and sumashi-jiru (clear clam soup). It was my rst time making temari sushi but it was much easier than I though it would be. I denitely would like to try it at home!From JapanJapanese cuisine looks very simple at rst but it is carefully cooked one by one by nishing the meal with variety of dishes. I had the chance to eat delicious meals this time and would like to come back to this cooking class again.Ito Ryokan is located in Ningyocho, a shitamachi historic town that retains the atmosphere of the Edo period (1603–1867) and has been renewed in 2018. Guests are welcomed by the friendly sta with great hospitality that will make you feel at home. Since there are many guests from overseas, Ito Ryokan is holding various events such as ori-gami (paper folding) class and shamisen (music instrument) class. ey are hosting a cooking class with the collaboration with att.JAPAN!Location:Next Cooking Class:Learning the Basics of Japanese FoodAugust 24, 2019 (Saturday) 11:00-13:00 How to apply:Contact us via e-mail ( or by telephone (03-5289-0161)For more information and applying, please visit this site: Chie is a professional cooking instructor who teaches the basics of Japanese cooking. She has deep knowledge of authentic Japanese dishes and teaches the deeper culture of Japanese cook-ing in an understandable way. Simple yet pro-found taste of each dishes will make you want to learn more about Japanese cooking. is time, we learned how to make temari sushi & inari sushi.Do you know what temari sushi or inari sushi is?Tips!For the temari sushi, try to put small amount of rice when wrapping the rice into a ball. For the inari sushi, the thin abura-age can be easily torn apart so care-fully ll in the rice.Scan here for more recipewith picturesI had too much rice !It's tiny and cute !Delicious lunch with everyone !Let's make our own sushi !Temari sushiInari sushi att.Kitchenatt. Kitchenatt. JAPAN 17

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