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Following the rainy season from June to early July, real sum-mer arrives in Tokyo. e temperature often goes over 30 degrees Celsius for consecutive days in Tokyo, but there are still lots of leafy sites where you can spend hot summer days by keeping yourself cool and comfortable.在6月至7月上旬的梅雨季結束後,東京正式迎接夏季的到來。即使是在時常連日出現氣溫超過30℃的東京,也有許多綠意盎然的療癒景點,讓人可以涼爽度過夏日。Although adjacent to Ginza, one of the busiest districts in Tokyo, Hibiya Park is full of trees and plants. It is a perfect place to take a break after shopping. ere are some areas with water, including a big fountain and Shinji pond, oering more coolness. Various events, such as food festivals and music performances, are often held in this park.繁華地帶的銀座比鄰而居,是一座草木茂盛的公園,推薦可在購物途中於此稍事休憩。在園內亦有近水處,如公園的象徵「大噴水池」、「心字池」等等,更令人感覺清新涼爽。這裡也常常舉辦美食祭典與音樂等活動。One of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo owns a Japanese garden, which takes about one hour to walk around. With a history of more than 100 years, the garden contains several historic sites, including the three-story pagoda, a symbol of the garden. You can also get a great view from the hotel’s restaurants, especially “Le Jardin,” where you can have a great time having afternoon tea while looking at the beautiful garden.這是東京首屈一指的豪華酒店所擁有的日本庭園。佔地相當廣闊,漫步一圈需花費約1個小時的時間。庭園擁有超過100年以上的歷史,園內除了象徵物──三重塔外,還有眾多歷史遺跡散居其間。從酒店餐廳所眺望的風景也十分優美。特別是在大廳Lounge「Le Jardin」中,一邊眺望庭園,一邊享用下午茶,這會是一段令人難忘的時光。Todoroki Valley makes you forget that you are in Tokyo, with its verdant forest. Walk on the path along the river and enjoy listening to murmur-ing stream. In addition to nature, there are also some spots to see, in-cluding a Japanese garden and Todoroki Fudoson Temple. Have a break at the sweets shop next to the temple, where you can enjoy delicious Japanese cold desserts, such as anmitsu (small cubes of agar jelly with various toppings, such as fruit and sweet bean paste, and sweet black syrup) and kakigori (shaved ice with a variety of syrup toppings).為大自然所環繞的「等等力溪谷」,令人不敢置信自己身在都心。可一邊傾聽潺潺流水,一邊在沿河川修築的遊步道漫步。另外還有如日本庭園與等等力不動尊等不容錯過的景點。在等等力不動尊隔鄰還有甘味處(日式點心店),不妨來此品嘗紅豆餡蜜或日式刨冰等沁涼的日式甜點,偷得浮生半日閒!123Hibiya Park日比谷公園Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo東京樁山莊大酒店Todoroki Valley等等力溪谷Enjoy Cool Summerat Lushly Green Places炎熱的夏天變舒適! 東京的綠色景點in TokyoUrban Oasis!Traditional GardenOnly 20 min. from Shibuyaatt. JAPAN Summer/201918TOKYO

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