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att. RyokanKamedake Onsen Tamamine Sanso亀嵩温泉 玉峰山荘KAMEDAKE ONSENTamamine Sanso is one of the largest onsen ryokan in Oku-izumo Bihada Onsen-kyo village. Known as a medicinal bath from ancient times, Kamedake Onsen is also famous for “Bijin no yu” (hot springs of beauty), which will make your skin smooth after soaking. It has open-air baths oering ne scenery of nature and sand baths full of tenkoseki ore power.JR Kamedake Sta. → 10 min by car Check in 16:00– / Check out –10:00 13,500– 3609-1 Kamedake, Oku-izumo-cho, Nita County, Shimane +81-854-57-0800 +81-854-57-0825亀嵩温泉Peaceful Onsen in Oku-izumoOARAI HOTEL大洗ホテルOARAIThe dynamic scenery of the Pacic Ocean and fresh seafood will get your feeling excited. Enjoy soaking in a bath while gazing at the nice ocean view that chang-es hour by hour. The shining sea by the light of the sun-rise is a stirring sight. • JR Mito Sta. → 20 min by train on the Oarai Kashima Line → Oarai Sta. → 5 min by car *Courtesy service available (Contact/Reservation necessary) • JR Mito Sta. → 60 min by bus (bound for Aqua World Oarai or for Nakaminato Station via Aqua World Oarai, at North Exit No. 3) → Oarai Hotel Mae stop • Mito Oarai I.C. on the Kita-Kanto Expressway) → 10 min by car Check in 15:00– / Check out –10:00 12,000– 6881 Isohama-cho, Oarai-machi, Higashi-Ibaraki-Gun, Ibaraki +81-29-267-2151 +81-29-266-2621大洗Enjoy a relaxing holiday at the sea-shore, with the blue sea and skyHotel Konansou湖南荘FUJIKAWAGUCHIKOLocated at great vantage point to view Lake Kawaguchiko and World Heritage site Mt. Fuji. You can enjoy a luxurious time in a guest room with an open-air bath, a guest room in a modern style with a traditional feel, a reservable private bath, and a rooftop foot bath with a ne view. Soaking in a bath while seeing Mt. Fuji is sure to be a great pleasure. Fujikyu Kawaguchiko Sta. → 10 min on foot Kawaguchiko I.C. → 5 min by car Check in 15:00– / Check out –10:00 18,900– Funatsu 4020-2, Fuji- kawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi +81-555-72-2166 +81-555-73-1844 info@konansou.com富士河口湖Enjoy an onsen at the foot of Mt. Fuji and ne views of Lake KawaguchikoIkoma no Oyado Shiroyama Ryokan生駒のお宿 城山旅館NARAYou can enjoy the night view of Nara, Ikoma, from the banquet hall. You can experience Japanese cultures such as tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy and Kimono-dressing.Hozanji Sta. → 3–5 min on foot Check in 15:00– / Check out –10:00 6,400– 15-12, Monzencho, Ikoma-shi, Nara +81-743-73-4717 +81-743-74-2419奈良Traditional Japanese inn with a beautiful night viewThe new att.Ryokan websitehas been▼▼ Access to ▶▶Washlets (bidet-style toilets)Eating in guest rooms allowedComplimentary shuttle serviceKaraokePicturesque sceneryRooms for single personCredit cards acceptedInternet/Wi-Fi availableOnsen (hot springs)Open-air bathPrivate bathGuest room with bath and toiletOnsen (hot springs), traditional gardens, tatami rooms, and Japanese traditional meals at ryokan (Japanese-style hotels)? Or spacious rooms with high-quality bedding surrounded by picturesque landscapes at rst-class resort hotels? Hokkaido TohokuKita-KantoMinami-KantoKoshinetsuHokurikuTokaiKinkiChugokuShikokuKyushuOkinawaIcon Legend1. Prices are a rough guide based on one adult staying at a twin room and in-clude consumption tax. Prices may vary depending on room types, the num-ber of persons in a room, cuisine, and other variables. We recommend conrming prices when you book any accommodation. Where the price system is dierent from this guideline, this is noted in the explanation of the accommodation. 2. After booking by phone, we recommend conrming your reservation by email or fax.3. Cancellation fees may be charged if you cancel a reservation. Please conrm the accommodation’s cancellation fees and regulations in advance. Also, if you cancel, make sure to inform the accommodation of your cancellation.4. If you suer from allergies or have food preferences, please inform the sta when you are booking your accommodation.SendaiSapporoKanazawaTokyoOsakaKyotoNagoyaHiroshimaMatsuyamaFukuokaRyokan and hotels across JapanWhere will you stay?Ryokan and hotels across Japan Where will you stay?Now available in Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese.Plenty of areas to choose from.att. JAPAN Summer/201920HOTELS

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