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Transportation / 交通Rail 鐵路Japan is covered in a rail network that reach-es to almost every corner of the archipela-go. Most are owned and run by the Japan Railway (JR) system and the world famous “Shinkansen” bullet train is of course one of the fastest and most enjoyable forms of land transport anywhere – the distance between Tokyo and Osaka being covered in just 2 hours 30 minutes on the fastest line.日本的鐵路網相當發達,從日本國內到各處幾乎利用鐵路可到達,主要有JR (Japan Railway Co., Ltd., 日本旅客鐵路)運行著,在這當中藉由世界上也很有名的「新幹線」移動,一定會是日本旅行中印象最深刻的活動之一。東京到大阪間最快為2小時30分鐘。Japan Rail PassJapan Rail Pass allows you to use the whole JR system (including the Shinkansen) but is only sold outside Japan. 29,110 yen gets you a full 7 day ticket (adults) (As of Mar. 2019).JAPAN RAIL PASS(日本鐵路通票)是可利用包含新幹線的日本全國的JR,只有在日本國外才有販賣,一名成人7天為29,110日圓(2019年3月現在)。Type /類型Green /綠色車廂 Ordinary /普通車廂Duration /有效期Adult /成人Child /兒童Adult /成人Child /兒童7-day / 7天38,880 YEN19,440 YEN29,110 YEN14,550 YEN14-day / 14天62,950 YEN31,470 YEN46,390 YEN23,190 YEN21-day / 21天81,870 YEN40,930 YEN59,350 YEN29,670 YENFor more info, check the Japan Rail Pass website:詳情請看JAPAN RAIL PASS的網站www.japanrailpass.netBus 巴士 Long-distance buses in Japan are run by nu-merous companies including JR. Buses are generally more economic than traveling by plane or train but do take longer and can be affected by trafc jams at busy times of the day or night.Local buses run all over Japan as well as in the major cities and sometimes English in-structions or stop announcements are used but this is not the case everywhere. We rec-ommend you ask drivers to remind you of where you must disembark prior to setting off.包含JR,有許多公司提供長距離巴士的運行,一般來說比藉由飛機和鐵路的旅行較具經濟性,但是所花的時間比較長,也較容易受交通阻塞的影響。主要的都市、城鎮可利用公車線路,最近雖然英語的表示和廣播也逐漸增加,但是為了確實地到達目的地,建議您事先拜託駕駛員,請駕駛員到達目的地時通知一下。Taxi 計程車Japanese taxis can be found at the exit to ev-ery train station in the country or alternative-ly hailed on the streets. The red sign visible through the windshield of the car: “空車” (ku-sha) means it is vacant and available for hire but when the sign reads “賃走” (chinso), it is unavailable. The back door on the left side will open and close automatically so be careful not to stand too close! (All the other doors are operated manually) Rates vary depending on the taxi company. The rate system is shown inside the taxi and receipts can be issued. In urban areas, you can usually pay by credit card. If credit cards are accepted, a taxi has a sticker showing it on the window.除了可搭乘等候在車站前的計程車外,在路上也可叫到計程車。計程車能不能搭乘,可藉由車窗前部分的表示來判斷。顯示「空車」的時候,表示無人乘坐,可搭乘。出現「賃走」時表示已經有別的乘客搭乘了。車子左後方的車門會自動打開與關閉,所以要注意一下不要靠得太近被車門撞到(其他的車門用手打開與關閉)。車費根據計程車公司而有所不同,車資的體制告示在車內,也可拿到收據。在都市裡很多計程車可以用信用卡支付。可使用信用卡支付的計程車在窗上貼有標示。Getting Around in Tokyo / 東京的交通In big cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka, the un-der and over ground train system is well orga-nized and highly efcient accessing any and all parts of the cities. To avoid wasting time lining up for tickets and working out how to use the machines in different stations, it is highly rec-ommended to purchase pre-paid cards.在東京、大阪等大都市的交通系統被充分的整備,如果使用電車或是地下鐵的話可到達任何地方。如果不想浪費為了購買車票而排隊的時間,建議您利用預付卡。Transportation Cards / Useful Tickets 交通卡/划算的票券 If planning to stay in Japan for a longer period IC cards are recommended. (500 yen deposit returned when returning the card) Simply touch the card on a rectangular pad beside the tick-et gate and the fare used is automatically de-ducted from the value of the card. In Tokyo, the cards are known as Suica or PASMO are accepted on JR lines, subways and most oth-er railways and buses. The card can also be used as electronic money for shopping at reg-istered shops and some vending machines. Tokyo One-Day Free Ticket (Tokyo Furii Kippu) (東京フリーきっぷ)is available for use on JR lines (inside Tokyo’s 23 cities), subways, and the Toei Bus service for one whole day – end-ing at midnight – at a charge of 1,590 yen.Tokyo Subway Ticket is available for use on Tokyo Metro and Toei Metro subway lines. Prices for adults are 800 yen (24 hours), 1,200 yen (48 hours), and 1,500 yen (72 hours).JR TOKYO Wide Pass is valid for three days and good for unlimited rides using reserved seats on ordinary cars on Shinkansen and ex-press trains in the Kanto area. The service is now extended to Echigo-Yuzawa Station and GALA Yuzawa Station. Prices are 10,000 yen (Adults), and 5,000 yen (Children). 如果預定在日本逗留一些時間的話,推薦使用IC卡。(購入時要付500日圓的保證金,將卡歸還時,保證金會退還給您。)在剪票機旁的讀取機上感應一下,車資會從卡上自動被扣除。在東京地區Suica和PASMO兩種除了JR線、地下鐵、其他大部分的私鐵之外,也可搭乘巴士。在註冊店鋪和部分自動販售機上也可以作為電子錢包使用。如果用東京旅遊車票的話,可在一天內無限制乘坐JR(東京23區內)及地下鐵、都營巴士,一張票1,590日圓。東京地鐵通票 可以利用東京地鐵及都營地鐵各條線路。成人24小時券800日圓,48小時券1,200日圓,72小時券1,500日圓。JR東京廣域周遊券(JR TOKYO Wide Pass)除了能在3天內不限次數搭乘關東地區的新幹線、特快列車的指定座席之外,還把適用範圍擴大到越後湯澤站、GALA 湯澤站。價格為成人10,000日圓,兒童5,000日圓。Tourist InformationDomestic Flight NetworkNarita Sky Access LineKeisei Main LineHaneda AirportInternational TerminalHaneda AirportTerminal 1Haneda AirportTerminal 2Haneda AirportAirport Terminal 2Narita AirportOfunaYCATYokohama City Air TerminalHamamatsuchoShimbashiTCAT Tokyo City Air TerminalHigashi-ginzaHigashi-ginzaShibuyaGotandaTokyo MonorailLimousine BusKeikyu LineToei Asakusa LineJR LineJR Narita ExpressHanedaAirportNaritaAirportNishi-magomeAccess NetworkThe new att.Ryokan websitehas been launchedatt.Ryokan 網站全新登場▼▼ Access to ▶▶att. 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