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Getting Around in Osaka / 關西的交通Transportation Cards/Useful Tickets 交通卡/划算的票券 In the Kansai (Osaka) area ICOCA or PiTaPa is available IC cards similar to Suica / PASMO.Kansai Area Pass is valid for unlimited travel using ordinary non-reserved seats of JR-WEST local and rapid trains in the defined “Free Area.” Prices for adults are 2,300 yen (1-day), 4,500 yen (2-days), 5,500 yen (3-days), and 6,500 yen (4-days) when purchasing in Japan. When purchasing in other countries, prices are 2,200 yen (1-day), 4,300 yen (2-days), 5,300 yen (3-days), and 6,300 yen (4-days).KINTETSU RAIL PASS offers unlimited rides on all Kintetsu Railway lines for five days. Fares to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Ise-Shima, and Nagoya are for a bargain. Price: 3,600 yen for adults when purchased outside Japan / 3,800 yen for adults purchased in Japan. 在關西(大阪)地區有ICOCA和PiTaPa兩種IC卡扮演著跟Suica / PASMO同樣的角色。使用關西地區鐵路周遊券,可利用在自由區域內的JR普通列車(含快速列車)的普通車自由席隨意上下車。在日本購買時,成人價格為1日用2,300日圓,2日用4,500日圓,3日用5,500日圓,4日用6,500日圓。在日本國外購買時,成人價格為1日用2,200日圓,2日用4,300日圓,3日用5,300日圓,4日用6,300日圓。KINTETSU RAIL PASS 是能夠在5天內自由乘坐近鐵全線的周遊券。前往大阪、奈良、京都、伊勢志摩以及名古屋相當合算。在日本國外購買時,成人價格為3,600日圓;在日本購買時為3,800日圓。Money / 貨幣You can cash traveler’s checks at many banks. Traveler’s checks can also be used at hotels, ryokan Japanese style hotels, and shops in big cities. Credit cards can be widely used in urban areas, but sometimes are not accepted at shops in rural areas.旅行支票可在很多家銀行換錢。而且,大都市的飯店或旅館、商店,也可使用信用卡。雖然信用卡在城市裡可廣泛使用,但是在有些郊區的商店無法使用。Money Exchange 兌換Exchanging non-Japanese currency for yen can be carried out at international airports, and most major banks. At the airports, exchang-ing Japanese yen into foreign currency is also possible. At “World Currency Shop,” even af-ter banks close their doors, it is possible to exchange later in the day. 在機場或是主要都市的銀行可兌換日幣,在機場也可將日圓再兌換回外幣,在「World Currency Shop」即使超過銀行的營業時間也辦理兌換業務。ATMsYou can withdraw Japanese yen from ATMs of some banks with credit cards or cash cards which were issued outside Japan.有些銀行的提款機,可以用國外發行的信用卡或提款卡提領日幣。Japan Post en_ias_index.htmlSEVEN coin & paper currency in circulationTelephone Service / 電話Public telephones can be found almost every-where in Japan and most can be used to make domestic and international calls. Only 10 or 100 yen coins can be used but all telephones take pre-paid telephone cards – purchase in convenience stores for 500 or 1,000 yen. If you use a calling card when you make an inter-national call, it can reduce your calling rate.在日本國內的各個地方設置有公共電話,可使用國內、國際電話的服務。使用10日圓、100日圓的硬幣,或者是電話卡(在便利商店等販賣,有500日圓、或是1,000日圓)。若要撥打國際電話,也可以使用電話卡降低通話費。KDDI Super World with-guidance/swc/NTT Communications World Pre-paid International Calling Service 博朗思特永恒智慧國際電話 Wi-Fi Service / 免費Wi-Fi服務 Japan Connected-free Wi-FiBy registering with this app, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi at major airport, stations, tourist spots, convenience stores, etc. (Over 170,000 loca-tions throughout Japan as of Dec. 2017.)NTT East FREE WI-FI JapanBy presenting your passport at designated lo-cations, you can receive a card with an ID and password required for Wi-Fi Internet access. (More than 45,000 locations throughout the eastern Japan area.)FREESPOTRegistration with your email address is re-quired only the rst time when you request ac-cess. (About 1,000 locations in Tokyo.) Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi 只需下載這個app,即可在主要的機場、車站、旅遊景點、便利商店等享受免費的Wi-Fi服務。(2017年12月時,日本全國有超過17萬個熱點。)NTT東日本免費Wi-Fi需要在上網卡派發地點出示護照,即可獲取寫有帳號和密碼的上網卡。(在東日本地區有4.5萬個以上的熱點。)FREESPOT(免費熱點)只需在第一次使用時登錄電子郵箱地址,登錄一次半年有效。(在東京都內約有1,000個熱點。) Tourist InformationVisit Our Facebook at URL: https://en.tokyocity-i.jpOpen Daily 8:00am-8:00pm/CAFE 7:00am-11:00pm(Except Jan. 1st and the last Sunday of June)Entertainment and exhibition tickets are available.Tokyo Subway Ticket Sales!Tourist InformationDay-trip ToursArrangement for accommodation and transportationFree Wi-FiCafePostal Service*Photos are concept images ※圖片僅供參考*Photos are concept images ※圖片僅供參考Visit Our WebsiteVisit Our Websiteand Win a Prize!and Win a Prize!前往att.JAPAN官網, 限量好禮等著您!前往att.JAPAN官網, 限量好禮等著您! the QR code or access from the URL and type the keyword to win the prize!Scan the QR code or access from the URL and type the keyword to win the prize!掃描QR Code或輸入下列網址,輸入關鍵字後便有機會獲得限量好禮。掃描QR Code或輸入下列網址,輸入關鍵字後便有機會獲得限量好禮。Keyword關鍵字(vol.88)AkaushiSpecial prizeOne-night pair ticketat a ryokan日式旅館雙人住宿禮券特獎att. JAPAN 23TOURIST INFORMATION

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