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Kumamoto CastleAbout 400 years ago, this symbol of Kumamoto was constructed by Kato Kiyomasa, a military commander who was considered an expert of castellation. Constructed using the state-of-the-art technologies of that time, this robust cas-tle didn’t get destroyed even in the Seinan War in 1877 when the castle and its surrounding area was a battleeld, some 300 years after its construction.Currently, some areas are o limits because of the damage to the castle tower and stone walls caused by the earthquake; however, you can see the castle under recovery from the Ninomaru Park and Kato-jinja Shrine.A special opening of the castle (Stage One), is scheduled to start on October 5, 2019! You will be able to see a restored castle tower close-up. A special observation route will be completed in spring 2020. In spring 2021, a fully restored cas-tle tower is expected to be open to the public.With the Rugby World Cup™ Japan match-es scheduled in October and the 2019 World Women’s Handball Championship in November to December, the stadiums and other sports arenas of the prefecture will have impassioned games. During the games, vari-ous other events are also scheduled, so you will have some other things to enjoy in addi-tion to watching games.熊本城在400年前,由被譽為築城名手的武將加藤清正所建造,可說是熊本的象徵。使用當時最先進的技術建造出固若金湯的城池,即使在將近300年後,於1877年成為西南戰爭的戰場也沒有因此陷落。由於地震造成天守閣及石牆損壞,導致目前仍有些區域禁止進入,但是可以從二之丸廣場或加藤神社遠眺正在修復中的熊本城。自2019年10月5日起,將會特別開放第一回參觀!能夠更近一步觀賞修復後的天守閣。預定於2021年的春天,天守閣將會完全修復,並開放內部參觀。10月將舉行2019年日本世界盃橄欖球賽,11月~12月則將會有2019年女子手球世界錦標賽。縣內的運動場上不停上演熱血沸騰的賽事。這段期間也會有其他相關活動,除了觀賽之外,還能享受到其他不同的樂趣。Located only a short way from Ninomaru Park of Kumamoto Castle, Josaien has a recreated streetscape of the Edo period, where you can get delicious Kumamoto food items and souvenirs. “Kumamoto Castle Museum, Wakuwaku-za” oers an easy-to-understand introduction to the history of Kumamoto Castle with stage dramas and screen images.Sakuranobaba Josaien就在距熊本城的二之丸廣場不遠處,當地重現江戶時代的街景,熊本美食及伴手禮一應俱全。在「熊本城歷史文化體驗設施湧湧座」則以戲劇及影像深入淺出地介紹熊本城歷史。櫻花馬場 城彩苑Kumamoto hostsinternationalsports events!即將在熊本舉辦的國際性運動大會!Located in the central area of Kyushu Island, Kumamoto Prefecture is rich in nature with grand mountains and ocean. Due to the Kumamoto Earthquake of April, 2016, the entire prefecture was aected by devastating damage. However, re-covery and reconstruction have been proceeding steadily and surely in Kumamoto. How about a trip to Kumamoto, lled with passion and strength, to restore your energy?熊本縣位於九州的中央。有著雄偉山脈及海洋等豐富自然景觀,但卻因2016年4月發生的熊本地震,造成了縣內相當嚴重的災情。話雖如此!現在熊本正逐漸朝著復興之路邁進。在這充滿熱情活力的熊本,來一趟朝氣蓬勃的充電之旅吧!umamoto PrefectureK*原則上僅有不進行修復工程的週日及假日才會開放參觀。10月5~14日每日開放參觀。除此之外,週六會視情況開放。詳情請至網站確認。*In principle, the castle will be open only on Sundays and holidays when there is no scheduled reconstruction work. From October 5 to 14, it will be open every day. Additionally, it will be open on some Saturdays. For details, please check the*大約於2019年秋季時工地鐵架會被拆除。*Most construction scaffolds will be removed in autumn, 2019.Hot Topics熱門話題TokyoOsakaKumamoto ★熊本大阪東京att. JAPAN Summer/20194

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