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Location: 1-7-1, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, TokyoCall for Reservation: 03-3200-5500 (English is available)Phone hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm Business hours: Please contact the restaurant to confirm the schedule.URL: www.shinjuku-robot.comReservations are highly recommended in advance as tickets sold on the day sell out very quickly.地址:東京都新宿區歌舞伎町1-7-1電話預約:03-3200-5500(英文OK)電話預約時間:10:00 – 22:00營業時間:請參見店家時間表網址※根據當天情況可能會無法馬上入場,建議您提前預約。¥2,000 OFF COUPONBring this ad to get a discount. One coupon per group. All members of the group can get a 2,000 yen discount!憑此券即可享每人2,000日圓折扣。本券1張僅供1組客人使用。003Welcome to the Alternate Universe of Robots Robot Restaurant!歡迎來到機器人的異世界!機器人餐廳Enormous robots are coming on stage one after another! Performed by robots and human dancers, Robot Reataurant’s gaudy shows combine Japanese traditional culture such as Japanese drums, matsuri (Japanese festival), ninja, and Japanese calligraphy with pop culture. Dynamic robots, passionate and intense dancers and a live band performing right in front of you will rivet your attention, stimulating your senses of sight and hearing. An amazing entertainment perfect for both couples and families! Robot Restaurant, located in Kabukicho in Shinjuku, one of the big-gest entertainment districts in Japan, will make your night out ever memorable.Since the tickets sell out quickly, we recommend you to book as early as possible to secure seats.巨大的機器人不斷地在眼前出現!機器人和真人共同演繹的驚奇表演,融合太鼓、祭典、忍者、書法等日本傳統文化和流行文化元素。超近距離觀看這魄力十足的機器人、充滿熱情的舞蹈與現場樂隊完美結合的視聽覺盛宴,絕對會為令你熱血沸騰。這個令人歎為觀止的餐廳,不論是情侶或是一家大小都很適合前往!想要在日本具代表性的繁華街—新宿歌舞伎町來場難以忘懷的體驗嗎? 由於表演相當受歡迎,建議盡早預約。

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