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Aso阿蘇草千里浜免之石e area has one of the world’s largest calde-ras and is surrounded by vast nature. e nat-ural beauty including Aso Gogaku ve peaks, which was created by continuous volcanic ac-tivity over hundreds of thousands of years, has been certied as one of the UNESCO Global Geoparks. You can enjoy the area in any season, but summer is especially recommended, when the mountains are covered in green. After the re-covery from the earthquakes, many of the major roads have been re-opened, allowing easier access to the area.Nakadake First CraterKusasenri-ga-hamaMen-no-ishi中岳第一火山口熊本縣阿蘇五岳之一的中岳,是現在仍會冒煙的活火山。能夠在近距離參觀第一火山口,感受地球的威力。這一帶是一片一望無際的翠綠草原。能夠在草原上漫步,也能騎著馬遍覽草原風光。在南阿蘇外輪山山腰上,本來有一顆奇岩高懸在懸崖的夾縫中,卻在地震關係而掉落。但在石頭掉落後,意外發現懸崖的縫隙看來就像是貓咪的剪影,因而再度引起話題!讓我們一起參加山間徒步旅行,尋找“貓咪”的蹤跡吧。這個地區以世界最大的破火山口為中心,孕育出一片得天獨厚的大自然景觀。在歷經數十萬年以上的火山活動後,造就出這片以阿蘇五岳為代表的自然美景,亦被獲選為聯合國教科文組織世界地質公園。隨著四季變換有著不同的風情,當中最值得推薦是群山披上新綠的夏季。當地不但已災後重建修復,大部分的主要道路也已經恢復通車,前往更為便利。Nakadake, one of the ve Aso peaks, is an active volcano with volcanic smoke still coming out. You can go close to the crater to look at it, feel-ing the power of the vast eld of green grass also oers a place for horseback strange stone used to be stuck in a crack of the cli located halfway up the mountain sur-rounding the caldera in the Minami Aso area. Due to the earthquake, it fell to the ground. en, someone found that the crack after the stone had gone looks like a silhouette of a cat, attracting many people to visit and talk about it. Join a trekking tour and go see “the cat”!*根據噴發警戒等級及氣象狀況會採取入山管制,請務必於當地加以確認。中岳第一火山口*The entrance to the mountains may be restricted due to the volcanic alert level and/or weather conditions. Please nd out the restriction level on site.Nakadake First Crater草千里浜Kusasenri-ga-hama騎馬Horseback Riding免之石Men-no-ishi搭乘熱氣球或滑翔傘從空中俯瞰阿蘇的美景!Look down on Aso from a hot-air balloonor paraglider!att. JAPAN 5

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