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Take a little side trip...…移動範圍稍微延伸⋯在阿蘇周邊以放牧飼養的品牌牛,以肉質柔軟及爽口的風味為特徵。適於牛排及漢堡排等料理。濃郁的豚骨湯底配上彈性十足的麵條,再撒上滿滿的炸蒜頭,正是熊本拉麵的特徵。若是本身吃得比較清淡,不妨來一碗以雞骨高湯配上粉絲,佐以豐富蔬菜的太平燕。“Akaushi” brand beef cattle are pastured in the Aso area. This breed is characterized by its ten-derness and non-greasy taste. It is perfect for steak and hamburger patties.Kumamoto Ramen is characterized by rich and mild tonkotsu pork-based soup, rm noodles, and a generous amount of deep-fried garlic. If you pre-fer a lighter dish, tai-pi-en is recom-mended, with its chicken-based soup, thin harusame noodles, and a bunch of vegetables on top.YamagaSaid to continue since the ancient time, this fes-tival is held on August 15 and 16 every year. A large number of women dancing with a golden toro (lantern) create a fantastical scene just like out of a dream. e lanterns are traditional crafts of Yamaga made with washi paper. Outside the festival time, there are several hands-on work-shops, including one where you can wear the fes-tival costume and golden toro on your head.Built more than 100 years ago, this playhouse is still hosting ka-buki performances. It has colorful decorations along with the tradi-tional style for a kabuki theater. Various programs are oered, in-cluding Yamaga toro dancing.Selected as one of the 100 Great Waterfalls of Japan, this aesthetic landscape has a marvelous view of the contrast between the thick woods and mountain streams running through them! The average temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius even in summer, leading the place to be called a “natural air-conditioner.” You can enjoy the landscape throughout the year, with fresh greenery in spring and beautifully colored leaves in autumn.山鹿這個自古承襲至今的祭典,於每年8月15、16日舉行。由眾多女性頭戴金燈籠起舞的場面,既夢幻又壯觀。這個燈籠是由和紙做成的山鹿傳統工藝品。在非祭典期間,也有能夠體驗身穿和服頭戴金燈籠的活動。建築已超過100年,現在仍然提供歌舞伎演出的芝居小屋(提供歌舞伎或戲劇演出的小劇場)。保有鮮豔的裝飾及傳統的歌舞伎劇場的樣貌。在此也能觀賞山鹿燈籠祭舞蹈公演的表演項目。入選為日本百大瀑布的風景名勝,鬱鬱蒼蒼的森林中,溪流蜿蜒流淌在其中,更是美不勝收!即使是盛夏,平均氣溫也在20℃上下,甚至有「天然冷氣」的美譽。春有新綠、秋有楓紅,四季都有各種值得一覽的美景。Located in the northern part of the prefecture, Yamaga City prospered as a post station along the major road since the 17th century and still retains the historical streetscape as well as tradi-tional culture.位於熊本縣北部的山鹿市,從17世紀起就以街道(現在的國道)上的宿場町(以休息站為中心形成的城鎮)而繁榮一時,現在也還留存著具有歷史的街景及傳統文化。Yamaga Toro Matsuri (lantern festival)山鹿燈籠祭Yachiyo-zaKikuchi GorgeAkaushi (Japanese Brown)Kumamoto Ramen and Tai-pi-en八千代座菊池溪谷Local Food熊本美食熊本拉麵&太平燕赤牛KUMAMOTO PREFECTUREatt. JAPAN Summer/20196

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