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以白米為原料,並以人吉、球磨等地區的優質水源釀造而成的道地燒酒頂級品牌。28個釀酒廠各具特色。部分釀酒廠也開放讓遊客參觀。由熟知熊本的計程車司機們,帶著各位去尋訪當地美食以及最佳景點的「熊本美食計程車」上路囉!由於路線行程眾多,想飽嘗當地美食,請把握機會善加利用。Made with rice and high-quality wa-ter in the Hitoyoshi and Kuma ar-eas, Kuma Shochu is one of the top brands of honkaku shochu. There are 28 shochu distilleries, each with individual characteristics. Some distilleries offer tours.“Kumamoto Gourmet Taxi” is now in ser-vice, in which a taxi driver with extensive knowledge of Kumamoto guides you to local good-eating places as well as must-see sites. Various courses are available. If one reason you are in Kumamoto is to enjoy local dishes, it is a perfect service for you!GokanoshoGokanosho has a legend of ochiudo densetsu according to which the Heike (House of Taira), which dominated pol-itics in the late 12th century, lost in the civil war of that time and escaped to this area. It is home to vermilion-lacquered Heike Densetsukan (museum) and a noh stage. Kagura (sacred music and dance), noh, and Heike biwa music performance are performed on the stage.Among the mountains, there are some waterfalls, streams, and suspension bridges here and there, creating beautiful scenery. Especially, autumn fo-liage with its peak in October and November is just gorgeous.Kumamoto has many onsen sites thanks to the volcano. ere are various types of onsen water, including the one in the Yamaga, Kikuchi, and Tamana areas in the northern part of the prefecture that is called “hot spring water for beautiful skin.” In Aso, an open-air onsen is recommended, which allows you to have a great view of the vast natural landscape while immersing yourself in hot water. In Waita Onsen, you can enjoy delicious “jigoku-mushi,” various ingredients steamed by the heat of onsen. ere are many drop-in bathing facilities, so you can enjoy various kinds of onsen at dierent places.五家莊五家莊這個地方至今仍流傳著,在12世紀後半時,掌握當時政權的平家一族於戰敗之後著醒目的朱紅色漆的平家傳說館以及能劇舞台,上演著神樂、能劇、平家琵琶等表演。山谷中隨處可見瀑布、溪流以及吊橋,描繪出一片如畫的美景。尤以10~11月為最佳觀賞時期的楓紅最是迷人。熊本受惠於火山地形,擁有多處溫泉,泉質亦各有千秋。位於縣北部的山鹿、菊池、玉名一帶的溫泉以能讓肌膚光滑著稱,有著美肌之湯的美譽。若在阿蘇,則以能夠眺望大自然美景的露天浴池最令人感到心曠神怡!在涌蓋溫泉則能夠體驗「地獄蒸」的樂趣,利用溫泉的溫度,悶煮出令人食指大動的佳餚。當地也有許多提供當天來回的入浴設施,就趁此機會享受一下各地溫泉不同之處吧!Located at the center of the prefecture, among the mountains around Yatsushiro City, the Gokanosho area with small village communities scattered in the mountains is so isolated that it is even called a “hidden place of Kyushu.” ere is still culture unique to this area along with intact natural landscapes.位於縣中央八代市山谷的五家莊一帶,聚落散佈在其山谷中,有「九州秘境」美譽之稱。這塊土地上,存有著當地才的文化及自然景觀。Kuma ShochuKumamoto Gourmet TaxiHeike-no-sato in GokanoshoNatural Scenery五家莊 平家之里自然景觀Onsen in Kumamoto熊本的溫泉球磨燒酒熊本美食計程車att. JAPAN 7

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