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Get a panoramic view of sparkling TokyoOn the 45th oor, at the height of 202 meters, of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, one of the major landmarks of Tokyo, there are two observation decks, the South and North Observation Decks (free). You can get a great view of Tokyo and, on a clear winter day, you may be able to see Mount Fuji. e daytime view is wonderful, but the night one is especially recommend-ed. You can see clearly major landmarks, including the sparkling buildings, Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills, and TOKYO SKYTREESM. e South Observation Deck, re-opened in April 2019, accom-modates a piano with a special decoration supervised by Yayoi Kusama, a world-famous artist, which is available to visitors for playing.俯瞰燦爛的東京在東京地標之一的東京都廳45樓、高202m處,有免費入場的南展望室和北展望室等2處展望室。在這裡可以俯瞰東京,而在冬季天氣晴朗的時候,還有機會遠眺富士山。雖然白天的景色絕佳,但在此為您推薦的是夜景。除了閃爍的建築群外,還能清楚見到東京鐵塔、六本木Hills和東京晴空塔®等地標建築。於2019年4月重新開放的南展望室,放置了由世界著名藝術家草間彌生監修其裝置設計的鋼琴,遊客也可用它來演奏。While the Shinjuku West Exit area lled with skyscrapers is a bustling business dis-trict during the day, there are lots of res-taurants and bars on upper oors of of-ce buildings and hotels where you can eat while enjoying a night view. ere are many popular places with a relaxed at-mosphere, which are recommended for your date.Tokyo’s best night-view spots新宿西口區域,在白天是一處高樓林立的辦公商業區。在辦公大樓和飯店的高樓層處有不少的餐廳和酒吧,夜晚在這用餐同時還能欣賞夜景,更有許多適合約會、略帶有成熟氣氛的人氣店家。東京首屈一指的夜景勝地Discovering New Aspects of Attractive Shinjuku! Vol. 3Shinjuku West Exit Area新宿西口區域5 min. walk from JR Shinjuku Sta.1 min. from Shinjuku Sta. (get o at Tochomae Sta. on the Toei Oedo Line)2 min. from Shinjuku Sta. (get o at Nishi-shinjuku Sta. on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line)Access一同探究新宿的新魅力吧!Vol. 3Tokyo MetropolisTokyo 23 cityShinjuku Sta.Shinjuku West Exit Area交通資訊距離JR新宿站步行5分鐘距離新宿站1分鐘(都營大江戶線/都廳前站下車)距離新宿站2分鐘(丸之內線/西新宿站下車)*9:30~23:00(入場時間至22:30)*北展望室因整修工程至2020年1月14日,故暫不開放。*9:30-23:00 (admitted until 22:30)*The North Observation Deck is closed due to renovation until January 14, 2020.Shinjuku Cityatt. JAPAN Summer/20198

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