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To be Held in Late Sep. 2019Spreading out behind the cluster of high-rise buildings, Shinjuku Central Park is a leafy area. is park will host a free outdoor movie festival. You can enjoy movies under the theme of diversity, which is a perfect theme for Shinjuku, comfortable under the open sky with a feeling of freedom. Could it be your new way of enjoying a Tokyo night?Shinjuku Park Cinema FestivalLooking for public artNight at an izakayaShinjuku City (Shinjuku-ku in Japanese) is a cosmopolitan city located at the cen-ter of Tokyo’s 23 cities. It has Shinjuku Station, the world’s busiest station, entertain-ment districts including the famous Kabukicho, and one of the most prosperous com-mercial areas in Japan around the station, all of which attract visitors from all over the world. Meanwhile, simply by making a little side trip from Shinjuku Station, you can visit Shinjuku neighborhoods that have many diverse and distinctive aspects as well as experience Japan-style charms. Here we feature the Shinjuku West Exit area with its skyscraper buildings, as well as lots of information on night-time entertainment.新宿區是位於東京23區內中央的國際觀光都市。以歌舞伎町及乘客流量居於世界首位的新宿站為首的鬧區、還有能代表日本的車站周邊商業區,都有絡繹不絕來自世界各地訪客。其實只要從新宿站再延伸到稍遠一點的地區,就能體驗到各種獨特風情的街道和形形色色的日本魅力。這次我們將介紹高樓大廈群聳立的東京的摩天大樓,以及新宿西口區域。提供給您各式各樣享受夜間遊樂的方式。探尋公共藝術新宿公園電影院節漫步於新宿西口區域,您會看到在這有許多的公共藝術品。其起源據說是為了療癒在辦公區人們的心靈。以美國藝術家羅伯特.印第安納所創作的「LOVE」藝術品為首,還有「Hand of Peace」(作者:鎌田惠務)等多樣作品坐落各處。2019年九月下旬(預定)寬闊的新宿中央公園位於高樓大廈群的後方。將以這座綠意盎然的公園為舞台,舉辦免費戶外電影放映活動。在露天的開放感與輕鬆的氛圍中,欣賞著以新宿特有的多樣化為主題的電影,歡迎您來東京度過如此新型態的夜晚!若想更經濟實惠地享受東京的夜晚,歡迎前往「回憶橫丁」。在新宿站西口不遠處,狹窄的小巷兩旁林立著居酒屋和餐飲店。以烤雞肉串為下酒菜,大口大口地喝著高球酒(Highball)和檸檬沙瓦,正是新宿的上班族風格!也可至官方網站上查詢最新的活動資訊。Please check out the websitefor the latest event in the Shinjuku West Exit area, you are likely to come across various pub-lic art works. It is said that public art started with the intention to bring comfort to people working in business areas. You can nd here and there various art items, including a “LOVE” sculpture by American artist Robert Indiana and a “Hand of Peace” statue by Japanese artist Keimu Kamata. If you want to enjoy nightlife in Tokyo without spending much money, you should visit “Omoide yokocho.” Located just outside the Shinjuku Station West Exit, the narrow alley is lined on both sides with small izakaya pubs and restaurants. Have a glass of highball or lem-on sour along with some yakitori, and you will be just like one of Shinjuku’s “salarymen”!居酒屋之夜Access and detailed information about these places are avail-able at Shinjuku Tourist Information (at South East Gate of JR Shinjuku Station)! 請至新宿旅遊詢問處(JR新宿站東南口),取得前往各景點的詳細交通資訊吧!att. JAPAN 9

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