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An Introduction to the Northern Hanshin Area Sandwich Shops (Hyogo Pref.)


ReleaseNovember 22, 2021

Sandwiches are always great for an easy meal or a light snack, whether packed for picnics or enjoyed at home. Here is a selection of unique sandwich shops in the Northern Hanshin area.

Kranz (Itami City)

KranzEgg Sandwich

This bakery, loved by the locals, uses 100% domestic flour and pesticide-free organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. A wide variety of sandwiches is available here, but the “Mixed Bento” which includes an egg sandwich is especially good. Cucumber, ham and sliced cheese all strike a perfect harmony alongside the eggs in this nutritious sandwich.

Address: 1-2-15 Koyaizumi-cho, Itami City, Hyogo
20-minute walk from Hankyu Itami Station
From Hankyu Itami Station, take the local bus to Horiikeguchi stop and walk 1 minute.

Kuniya Shinano Sandwich Cafe (Kawanishi City)

Kuniya Shinano Sandwich Cafe
Opened in March 2021!
At this specialty store, the bread of the handmade sandwiches is made with 100% domestic wheat and additive-free ingredients at “Bakery Cafe Shinano” in Itami City.
The signature Bangladeshi sandwich is a unique combination of seasoned and fried ground chicken in keema curry and chickpea sauces. Other than sandwiches, the creamy tofu “miso soup” in the lunch set is also popular as it complements the delicious flavor of the bread and other ingredients.

Kuniya Shinano Sandwich Cafe
The white and blue renovated former candy store is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.

Kuniya Shinano Sandwich Cafe
Address: 1-8-1 Hanayashiki, Kawanishi City, Hyogo ★ Takeout is possible all day
6-minute walk from Hankyu Kawanishi-noseguchi Station
10-minute walk from JR Kawanishi-Ikeda Station

SANDWICH LE MANS (Takarazuka City)

The Le Mans “Egg Sandwich” has been a big hit since the shop opened in 1964. The soft, mild flavor of the thick slab of egg is enhanced by additive- and preservative-free homemade mayonnaise.

A wide variety of sandwiches join the popular egg in the lineup including those made with fruit, cutlets, and vegetables. Since each one is freshly made after being ordered, a little patience may be necessary, depending on how crowded the shop is that day.

Le Mans Hananomichi Cerca Store Le Mans Hananomichi Cerca Store (eat-in, takeout)
Address: Hananomichi Cerca No. 2 Bldg. 2F, 1-6 Sakae-machi, Takarazuka City, Hyogo
Access: 4-minute walk from Hankyu Takarazuka Station, 6-minute walk from JR Takarazuka Station

Le Mans Takarazuka-minamiguchi Main Store Le Mans Takarazuka-minamiguchi Main Store (Takeout, home delivery only in Takarazuka City)
Address: 2-12-14 Minamiguchi , Takarazuka City, Hyogo
Access: 1-minute walk from Hankyu Takarazuka-minamiguchi Station

Ristorante TORITON (Inagawa Town)

Ristorante TORITON
This bakery with a wood-fired stone oven is attached to an Italian restaurant. The sandwich bread is made from homemade natural yeast and baked in a stone-fired kiln. The firewood is the same as that used to make charcoal by the local Kikusumikai (Kiku Charcoal Association).

Ristorante TORITON
Whether the sandwiches are filled with roast beef or hamburger steak, they are imbued with the unique accent of Italian cuisine. Housed in an independent building surrounded by nature, you’re sure to feel relaxed and at ease.

Ristorante TORITON
Address: 201-2 Sashikumi Muka-i, Inagawa Town, Hyogo
10 minutes by car from Hankyu Kawanishi-noseguchi Station
From Hankyu Kawanishi-noseguchi Station, take the bus to Sashikumi Ohashi stop and walk 1 minute

*The information herein is as of July 2021.

This article was originally published on Tourism Guide of Hyogo Hokusetsu.

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