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Best places to go this spring and summer in Okutama, Tokyo


ReleaseMarch 10, 2022

Tokyo is more than just bright lights in the big city. Known as “Tokyo’s Adventure Line,” the JR Ome Line connecting Ome Station to Okutama Station in western Tokyo’s Tama area is a true treasure trove of natural wonders! Here are some recommended spots within a 60 to 90-minute train ride from Shinjuku Station.

Ozawa Brewery (Sawanoi)

Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en Famous for its “Sawanoi” sake brand, this brewery has a history of more than 300 years. See the liquor being brewed in clean spring water on a tour of the brewery (advance reservation required). Also, be sure to stop by the Kiki Sake Dokoro to sample various types of sake from 200 yen per cup. Feel free to take your sake cup home as a souvenir.
Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en
At Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en overlooking the mountain streams of the Tama River, savor light Japanese meals like udon and soba noodles, or cooling shaved ice in the summertime. On the premises, Mamagoto-ya serves homemade tofu and yuba dishes using Sawanoi’s brewing water, and Cafe Shizuku makes coffee from the same source. Even those who don’t drink alcohol are sure to enjoy the delicious taste of the clear water.

Kushi Kanzashi Museum Nearby, the Kushi Kanzashi Museum houses a collection of traditional Japanese hair ornaments, including combs and hairpins, with 4,000 beautifully crafted pieces.

[Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en]
Hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Monday (Tuesday when it falls on a national holiday)
Address: 2-770 Sawai, Ome City, Tokyo
5-minute walk from Sawai Station

Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en From Seiryu Garden Sawanoi-en, stroll along the river promenade for about 30 minutes to Mitake Station. A delightful walk with a view of the mountain stream!

Musashi Mitake Shrine

Musashi Mitake Shrine With Musashi Mitake Shrine on the summit at an altitude of 929 meters, Mt. Mitake has long been viewed as a sacred mountain. This shrine houses the Japanese wolf god “Okuchi Magami,” who wards off evil, popularly known as “Oinu-sama.” In recent years, many come here to pray for the health of their dogs. Amulets for pets are also available.

shukubo Although Mt. Mitake is now popular with hikers, the summit is also easily reached by cable car. At the peak are more than 20 lodges called “shukubo” for those on pilgrimage. Some shukubo offer spiritual purification and ascetic training upon request, giving ordinary travelers the chance to immerse themselves in the culture of Mt. Mitake.

Address: 176 Mitakesan, Ome City, Tokyo
From Mitake Station, take the bus for 10 minutes to Takimoto Station and board the cable car for 6 minutes to Mitakesan Station, then walk for 30 minutes.


Beer Cafe VERTERE Beer Cafe VERTERE A brewpub in a renovated country house over 70 years old. The beer brewed here is born from creative combinations of Okutama’s clean spring water with hops and malt from around the world. The many flavors are easy to drink, featuring fruity orange and pineapple, while others have a hint of honey. An ideal spot to slake your thirst after enjoying the scenic outdoors and hot springs of Okutama.

Beer Cafe VERTERE The beer cans with their sophisticated designs make great souvenirs.

The bottle shop in front of Okutama Station sells original goods such as beer and T-shirts. VERTERE’s draft beer is also served at Port Okutama on the 2nd floor of Okutama Station, so if the cafe is closed, we recommend going there.

Hours: 11:00-19:30 (Last order: Food 18:30, Drink 19:00)
Closed: Monday-Friday, national holidays (The bottle shop is open on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
Address: 212 Hikawa, Okutama Town, Nishitama County, Tokyo
2-minute walk from Okutama Station

Okutama Onsen Moeginoyu

Okutama Onsen Moeginoyu Okutama Onsen Moeginoyu After a hike, head to the hot springs!
This 100% natural hot spring water is ideal for healing your tired muscles in the great outdoors. Relax in the open-air bath surrounded by trees, while listening to the babbling brook.

Hours: 10:00-20:00 (admission until 19:00), December to March 10:00-19:00 (admission until 18:00)
Fee: Adults 850 yen
Closed: Monday (Tuesday when it falls on a national holiday)
Address: 119-1 Hikawa, Okutama Town, Nishitama County, Tokyo
10-minute walk from Okutama Station

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for Okutama!

・Cherry blossoms of Lake Okutama

Cherry blossoms of Lake Okutama Early to late April
15 minutes by bus from Okutama Station

・Azaleas of Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple

Azaleas of Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple Mid-April to early May
15 minutes by bus from JR Kabe Station
Entrance fee during the azalea festival: 300 yen for adults
Hours: 8:00-17:00

・Fresh green foliage of Mt. Mitake Rock Garden

Fresh green foliage of Mt. Mitake Rock Garden May-June
Hike from the cable car Mt. Mitake Station

・Outdoor Activities on the Tama River

Outdoor Activities on the Tama River May-October (depending on the type of activity)
Various places along the Tama River

*The information herein is as of January 2022.

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