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UpdateMarch 5, 2018
ReleaseMarch 5, 2018

Also, about 20 minutes by bus from JR Tosa-Yamada Station is Ryuga-do Cave, a calcareous cave that is designated as a national natural monument. This cave has been considered of great value for scientific study. From inside this cave, which has been formed over the past 175 million years, various earthen vessels and remains of dwellings dating to the Yayoi period (300 B.C. – 300 A.D.) were found. Meanwhile, back in the present, if you are interested in Japanese anime or its characters, you should visit Kami City Municipal Anpanman Museum (memorial museum of Yanase Takashi, the cartoonist of Anpanman). The fantastic world of Anpanman, an anime character that enjoys overwhelming popularity among kids, will welcome you with various surprises and elaborate fun things. It is about 25 minutes by bus from JR Tosa-Yamada Station.