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Kansai International Airport


UpdateMarch 23, 2018
ReleaseMarch 23, 2018

Let’s Use KIX to Enjoy Travel in Japan!
Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the gateway of the sky for the Kansai area. Terminal 2 Building for the exclusive use of low-cost carriers (LCCs) has just been completed in autumn 2012, making traveling to Kansai more convenient, with more and more LCC flights coming into service. Trips not only to the Kansai area but also other areas of Japan are now also more convenient via KIX. Let’s make use of KIX wisely and enjoy traveling in Japan all the more!
*The fares below are for an adult and the expected durations are the approximate time. Information is as of November, 2013.
+++ From KIX to All Kansai Regions
+ Kansai, an Accumulation of Strongly Individual Cities and Cultures
From the food and shopping city, Osaka, to the elegant old town, Kyoto, to the modern, fashionable Kobe, to Nara, repository of history of ancient times, the Kansai region is full of attractive cities and distinctive cultures. History, traditional culture, food, hot springs, nature and World Heritage sites are some of the appealing attractions that the area can boast of.

+ From KIX to All Kansai Regions, Cheap and Easy Access
It is only about 50 km from KIX to the center of Osaka. Various means of transportation, such as railways, busses and high-speed boats bring you to major cities in Kansai: Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. In addition, special value passes are available for discounts on extensive travel. Tickets for each mode of transportation can be purchased at the Travel Desk on the first floor of the Terminal 1 (T1) airport building.

++ Easy Access from KIX to Other Places in JAPAN via Domestic Flights
+ More Convenient and Less Expensive with LCCs
Many LCCs (low-cost carriers) operate at KIX, which makes it more convenient to visit other areas in Japan. As for international flights, currently 10 airline companies fly to/from 7 countries and regions (Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Philippine, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) and 12 cities, a total of 140 flights per week, while domestic flights serve 8 cities, at a rate of 24 flights a day. KIX serves all major regions in Japan, including Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyushu, and acts as a hub for domestic travel. Terminal 2 (T2), an LCC-focused zone, was opened in autumn of 2012. All Peach Aviation flights depart from and arrive at Terminal 2, and a shuttle bus operates between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 free of charge.
Osaka Itami Airport can be reached by limousine bus in about 75 minutes. After landing at KIX, you can directly go on to this domestic airport, which can be useful when traveling domestically in Japan. A campaign is currently being promoted offering free bus service for customers heading towards Itami within 2 days of arriving at KIX.

+ Kansai Tourist Information Center on the 1st floor of Terminal 1 Building (T1)
Go to Kansai Tourist Information Center to get tourist information of the Kansai area. Sightseeing information, maps, brochures, and introduction to accommodations can also be obtained (in Japanese, English and Chinese).

+ KIX Airport Lounge on the 2nd floor of Terminal 1 Building (T1)
KIX Airport Lounge is a 24-hour-open cyber café lounge. In addition to the Internet service, reading of magazines or comics, and watching of movies are available. You can drink non-alcoholic beverages free of charge. There are a Kids’ space, massage chairs, and shower rooms (additional charge) as well. The charge is 300 yen for the first 30 minutes and an additional 100 yen per 10 minutes (for non-reserved seats).

+ Prayer Room on the 4th Floor of Terminal 1 Building (T1)
For Muslim travelers, there is a prayer room available where worshipping can be done in a quiet atmosphere. By spring 2014, there will be a total of three such rooms in service. In addition, airport restaurant menus are being redesigned so that Muslim travelers can order and eat from them without worries, as part of the effort to make KIX Japan’s first Muslim friendly airport. You can find out more here:

+++ Travelling from KIX to Hokkaido
LCCs are convenient for flying from KIX to Hokkaido. Flight time is about 120 minutes.
KIX -> Hokkaido (Sapporo): 15 flights/day (JAL, ANA, Peach, Jetstar Japan(, (Hakodate): 2 flights / day (ANA)

One-week model travel route Osaka + Hokkaido Tour
Day 1 Arrive at KIX, Osaka
Day 2 A day trip around Osaka (Kyoto, Nara, Kobe etc.), Osaka
Day 3 Osaka -> Hokkaido (Sapporo & Otaru), Hokkaido
Day 4 Asahikawa & Furano, Hokkaido
Day 5 Sapporo Hokkaido -> Osaka, Osaka
Day 6 Universal Studios Japan & Shopping in Osaka, Osaka
Day 7 Depart from KIX

+ Hokkaido, a Place You’ll Want to Go Over and Over Again
Nature that spreads out endlessly. Hokkaido is full of attractions no matter what the season is. In the winter, there are snow activities, including skiing and snow festivals. In the spring, cherry blossoms come into bloom later than their counterparts in the Honshu mainland of Japan. Summer is the season of lavender, flowers of all colors and comfortably cool climate. In the autumn, the leaves change color earlier and faster than other regions of Japan. Food has a deserved reputation for being good, and the landscape spreads out wide and far. Outdoor activities and hot springs are also popular attractions. The huge area of Hokkaido is full of sights to see, and it is impossible to experience all of them in one visit. By using KIX, you’ll be able to travel easily to Hokkaido as many times as you’d like.

South Area
The exotic Hakodate, the beautiful ocean, and one of the “three great nightscapes in the world.”

Central Area
Sapporo, a city of 1,900,000 residents. The nostalgic townscape of Otaru. The resort areas of Niseko, Rusutsu and Kiroro are near as well. The lavender of Furano and Asahiyama Zoo are additional attractions.

Eastern Area
Spectacular drift ice, World Heritage Shiretoko Peninsula, and the world’s largest wetlands of Kushiro. The lakes and volcanoes of Akan, and others. Great nature in all its original splendor.

Northern Area
Soya Cape, the northernmost point of Japan. The beautiful flowers of Rebun Island and Mt. Rishiri-Fuji. Reindeer farms and dog sled races are also local sights to see.

+ Food
Sapporo, Asahikawa and Hakodate are famous for ramen. Jingisukan is grilled lamb meat and vegetables. Soup curry is a Sapporo local specialty. Hokkaido cooking using all kinds of fresh seafood, including crab, and sushi is recommended. Farm produce such as potatoes, asparagus and corn are also famous culinary products of the region. Ice cream and sweets are delicious as well.

From Namba about 34 min by train about 48 min by car and bus
From Shin-Osaka about 50 min by train about 60 min by car