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UpdateMarch 28, 2018
ReleaseMarch 28, 2018

att.JAPAN Issue63, Spring 2013

For many years, Kichijoji has ranked in surveys at the top of Tokyo’s most popular places where people want to live. It is a town with parks that allow you to commune with nature, nostalgic streets, unique shops, counterculture spots and cuisine from around the world.
Inokashira Park is the most scenic spot for cherry blossoms in the Metropolitan area. Inokashira Park Zoo exhibits Asian elephants and oriental storks, among its animal attractions. In one corner of the park is the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka.
Harmonica Yokocho is said to be the remains of post-war black market, and nostalgic bars, cafes, fish shops, and fruit & vegetable shops stands in rows along the narrow alleys.
Sun Road is the main street of Kichijoji, with confectionary shops and restaurants along its sides. In Daiyagai, there are many restaurants that enable you to enjoy popular cuisine; the famous meat shop Sato is where a long waiting line forms for menchi katsu (fried cake of minced meat); and Ozasa is famous for its yokan (sweetened and jellied bean paste).
Nakamichi-dori Street has many boutique stores, and antique Japanese and Nordic design tableware shops. There are also restaurants with international cuisine from Spain, Nepal, and many other countries.
Nanaibashi-dori Street is a main street leading to Inokashira Park, and it has a lot of ethnic restaurants and a famous old family yakitori shop, Iseya (currently under reconstruction; reopens from July 2013) and Toriyoshi, a restaurant with popular fried chicken wings, ready to welcome you.

Recommended Restaurants
Offers healthy Japanese dishes and donburi style. You can see the calories beforehand.

Mahika Mano Kichijoji
Unusual “hammock café” in Tokyo. Serves original coffee, herbal teas, vegetable-based healthy dishes and desserts. *No kids allowed

Curry roux stewed for three days is the pride of this restaurant.

Steak Forte
Teppanyaki-style steak house. Serves meat ranked between A3 to A5, as you like.

Strings Live Bar & Italian Restaurant
Enjoy genuine Italian cuisine while listening to live music

Shabushabu, charcoal-grilled steak. The barbequed yaki-niku is highly recommended.

Crepe House Circus
Serves crepes in a large size, reasonably priced and delicious.

Serves small-sized confectioneries. Very rich taste.