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UpdateMarch 28, 2018
ReleaseMarch 28, 2018

Shibuya is a place where many trend conscious youngsters love to gather. But if you take a little walk from the station, you will find a quite artistic area. Something a bit different from the usual Shibuya is also good. Daikanyama is an up-market fashion district and gourmet district.
The area has an urban atmosphere, yet relaxed, which can be seen at Hillside Terrace. You will find nice cafes and fine goods stores if you walk along the alleys.                   New premises such as Shibuya Hikarie and Daikanyama T-SITE have opened in 2012 and drew the attention of many people. Let’s take a stroll around Shibuya and Daikanyama!

Suggested Route 1: Artistic Shibuya
You can enjoy an extravagant breakfast at the brasserie. There is a steep slope behind the Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Honten leading to some of the exclusive residential neighborhoods of Tokyo, such as Shoto and Kamiyama-cho. There are unique museums such as the Kanze Nogakudo (Noh theater), Toguri Museum of Art and Shoto Museum. A charmingly quaint atmosphere remains around Kyu-Sangyochi (old entertainment district).

Happening Spots
Boulangerie Patisserie BRASSERIE VIRON: “petit dejeuner” (1,260 yen, with one drink) is served from 9 a.m. to noon (last order: 11 a.m.) with breads made from flour directly imported from France.
Oden restaurant Hide: A Japanese restaurant with a traditional atmosphere.
Toguri Museum: Stores and exhibits antique pottery, including Imari and Nabeshima.
Shibuya Hikarie: Opened in front of Shibuya Station in April 2012. It includes “Yoroizuka Farm Tokyo Branch” produced by famous pastry chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka, Hidemasa Yamamoto’s Italian restaurant “SESTO SENSO H,” and “Far East Bazaar,” which sells organic dried fruits.

Suggested Route 2:
Sophisticated Shops and Cafes
From Shibuya, head south towards Saigo-basha-michi Street where unique shops are scattered. Kyu-yamate-dori is a beautiful street lined with popular trees all along, frequently used for photo shoots and filming. You can find a row of stylish shops such as T-SITE, Caffé Michelangelo and Hillside Terrace there. Yawata-dori Street is lined with famous designer brand boutiques. Back alleys are dotted with trendy shops as well. Let’s walk around the various streets!

Happening Spots
T-SITE: Book shop/café Tsutaya Bookstore and unique shops are in a large space. Ivy Place is a villa style cafe restaurant.
Saigo-yama Park: A location used for the filming of the television drama “Tokyo Love Story.”
Hillside Terrace: Buildings are designed by famous Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki. Shops such as Hillside Pantry Daikanyama, an imported grocery and bakery shop, and Yamada Heiando Lacquer Ware are in Hillside Terrace.
Sarugaku-zuka: An ancient tomb from around the 7th century within the premises of Hillside Terrace.
Maison Ichi: You can eat their delicious breads and pastries at the shop.
kamawanu daikanyama: Hand-dyed cotton cloth is a perfect souvenir.
Allegory HomeTools: Filled with tableware and kitchen items.