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Anime in Suginami


UpdateMarch 5, 2018
ReleaseFebruary 22, 2018

There’re about 70 Japanese anime productions are located in Suginami-ku, Tokyo – yes, density is quite high! Enjoy your trip visiting anime productions; sacred place of anime fan!

Suginami Animation Museum

This is Japan’s first facility where people of all ages can learn the history of Japanese anime as well as its future directions through hands-on experiences. You can have fun at the facility in various forms, including participatory exhibitions where you can try actual dubbing and anime production processes and special exhibitions with new anime information. Don’t miss Anime Theater, where a wide variety of anime works are screened. A multi-language audio guide system will soon be available at the exhibitions (scheduled to be introduced in April in Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and Korean).

Open hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (admission until 5:30 p.m.)
Closed: Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday), year-end and New Year’s holidays
Admission: Free
Access: Ogikubo Sta. (North Exit) -> about 5 min by Kanto bus (from No.0 or No.1 stop) -> Ogikubo Keisatsusho-mae stop (Ogikubo Police Station) -> 2-min walk Nishi-Ogikubo Sta. (North Exit) -> about 7 min by Kanto bus (from No. 3 stop) -> Ogikubo Keisatsusho-mae stop (Ogikubo Police Station) -> 2-min walk Suginami Kaikan
Address: 3F, 3-29-5 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Asagaya Anime Street

A new spot in Asagaya where people in anime production and anime fans can meet. The site consists of several attractive shops for anime fans, including a café based on the collaboration between a J-pop culture gallery and an anime character café, where you can meet aspiring voice actors and actresses, and a cos-play shop for men.

Access: Asagaya Sta. -> 4-min walk under the elevated railway east towards JR Koenji Sta.
Address: 2-40-1 Asagaya-minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


Ten years after the science fiction anime “GENESIS of AQUARION” was released with the sensational advertising blurb “anata to gattai shitai” (I want to be incorporated into you), the 3rd series, “AQUARION LOGOS,” was released on TV in 2015. The world of letters “LOGOS WORLD” encounters an abnormal situation, which can impact the real world. The members of the Verbalism Club, including the main character, Akira Kaibuki, deal with the crisis of the world by elucidating the meanings of the letters. This series is set in a real place in Japan, Asagaya, Suginami City, Tokyo. The anime shows many actual places in the area around JR Asagaya Station, including SHIROBACO, a café in Asagaya Anime Street, Shinmeigu Shrine, Pearl Center shopping street, and Keyaki Park. The area is attracting many anime fans, as a new “sacred place” of anime.


Kami-Igusa in Suginami City, Tokyo, is known as an anime town, with the headquarters of Sunrise Inc., which produced “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM,” as well as many other animation studios. Step out from Kami-Igusa Station, and you will be welcomed by a 3-meter-tall statue of GUNDAM. You can see that you are in a town of anime when you come across drawings of GUNDAM and ZAKU, main characters of the GUNDAM series, on the store shutters in the shopping street.

Access: Kami-Igusa Sta. on the Seibu Shinjuku Line