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Shinshu’s Winter Cuisine “Boar Hot Pot”


UpdateApril 10, 2019
ReleaseMarch 10, 2018

Let’s learn how to make Japanese cuisine from a professional chef at a Japanese inn.

This time we made hot pot with boar meat.

Recipe: https://att-japan.net/en/archives/4961


*The information herein is as of March 2018.

Advice from chef

Advice from the chef
Boar meat contains high protein, so it is healthier than pork. Simmer the soup until the vegetables and the meat absorbs the soup to make the ingredients fully flavored. Think as if the meat is the soup, the meat’s flavor will spread out and the meat will get softer when simmered longer.

Comments from the Particpants

It was a very fun and educational experience. The chef taught us how each vegetable should be cut. I also learned that boar meat is healthier than pork. Hot pot is perfect for the winter season, and it has encouraged me to cook at home more often.

I really appreciate having this rare experience of being in a cooking class at the Sugimoto Inn. Since I don’t have much of cooking experience back at home, I was honored to learn from Chef Hanaoka about the fundamentals of cooking and the importance of the ingredients. The dish I learned to make this time was boar hotpot. This healthy dish contains many vegetables and boar meat, which has high content in protein than pig meat. Since the hotpot was simmered in the soup base for a long time, the ingredients were fully flavored and delicious. This experience has definitely encouraged me to cook more.