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Chirashizushi and Spring Vegetables Tempura


UpdateApril 9, 2019
ReleaseMay 25, 2018

An ideal menu to “fully enjoy spring” using spring sansei (edible wild plants) and other spring ingredients



Chirashizushi has a gorgeous appearance with colorful ingredients. You can use toppings as you like depending on their availability. Use your sense of beauty to freely create your own layout!


Spring Vegetables Tempura

Sansai has harshness and usually needs some procedure to remove it. But in making tempura, that is not necessary.


Chirashizushi Recipe: https://att-japan.net/en/archives/4991

Spring Vegetables Tempura Recipe: https://att-japan.net/en/archives/5010


*The information herein is as of May 2018.

Advice from chef

The important point for making delicious sushi rice is to mix it with sushi vinegar quickly in a cutting motion. If you don’t have a wooden sushi bowl, you can use a regular glass or metal bowl. We used takenoko since it is spring, but you could use kanpyo (dried shavings of calabash gourd) instead.

Comments from the Particpants

I really enjoyed it! I learned a lot about various kinds of Japanese foods and the way to cook them. I had a great lunch after enjoying cooking them myself.

It was my first time to join the cooking course and I really liked it. I was impressed by the way the ingredients were prepared and cooked as well as by the taste.

I had never cooked Japanese dishes before. They were really delicious. It was a fun experience.